Janša: Former property of League of Communists was not distributed equally – all elections since 1990 have been unfair

Foto: Janez Janša

The Social Democrats have established themselves as the legal successors of the League of Communists of Slovenia – Party of Democratic Renewal. In this way, they were able to obtain 12 fixed properties, and only last year they received almost €80,000 in rents. The president of the biggest opposition party, Janez Janša, has also commented on the disclosures, saying that “Slovenia is the only post-communist country where the property of the only authorised party in the former regime, the League of Communists and its satellites, wasn’t distributed among the newly formed political forces, and because of this practically all elections since 1990 have been unfair, as the parties didn’t have an equal or at least roughly equal financial capacity to stand for election.” At the same time he added that the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) had from the very beginning endeavoured to redress the injustices, but the successors of parties in the old regime and their satellites had blocked all endeavours.

After the remaining mainstream media also confirmed that the Social Democrats (SD) obtained their property unlawfully, the leader of the SDS party, Janez Janša, stated for Nova24TV that the unfairly distributed former social property had influenced all the elections since 1990, which had been especially evident at the first election, when the League of Communists, its satellite party League of Socialist Youth of Slovenia (ZSMS) and other satellites inherited the property of the former single-party regime. They had thus been granted an extreme material advantage, which the newly formed parties and organisations did not have.

Matters did not improve as time went on, as the newly formed parties needed to direct a large part of their funds to rents or purchases of business premises, while the SD party has also been receiving additional funds from rents for the last 30 years. “All democratic parties had a double disadvantage given the starting position for a fair electoral competition,” states Janša.

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