Left-wing activist Sanjin Jašar acquitted of drug sale charges

Sanjin Jašar (Foto: STA)

Left-wing activists and advocates for the legalisation of cannabis Sanjin Jašar and Tomaž Zagoršak got off scot-free after yesterday’s trial at the district court in Maribor. According to the judge, the sale of illicit drugs in their case does not constitute a criminal offence against health since they were selling it for “pain relief”. Jašar is a familiar face from the time of the Maribor uprisings against then Maribor mayor Franc Kangler. After the bizarre verdict, the latter wrote on Twitter: “He got his reward for the uprisings … ”

During an investigation at the Supernova club in January 2016, police seized 44 cannabis seedlings, 6 grams of cannabis resin, around six kilograms of dried cannabis, 700 millilitres of THC cream, several other cannabis products, and 13.59 grams of the illicit drug psilocin, which were in the possession of the defendants. Yesterday, the prosecutor modified the indictment slightly, removing the charge regarding 13.59 grams of the illicit drug psilocin. The indictment filed by prosecutor Januša Kušar Rotman charged Jašar and Zagoršak of producing an illicit drug with the intention of selling it.

Has judge Šoštarič found a new drug supplier?       
Before the judgement was pronounced, Jašar had presented the judge and the two jurors with his business cards, remarking that they might need something from him at some point and that their salaries are high enough to afford his products.

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