Ljubljana mayor Janković defends genocide history of communism, and his statements are stupid and at odds with historical facts

Svetlana Makarovič in Zoran Janković (Foto: Twitter)

Ljubljana mayor Janković defends genocide history of communism, and his statements are stupid and at odds with historical facts

Imagine that someone in Germany commemorated the memory of Hitler and decorated the event with swastika symbols. Something similar will happen on 25 May on the Congress Square in Ljubljana for the second year in a row – the festival “Nosil bom rdečo zvezdo” (I’ll carry a red star). Considering that Tito was amongst the leaders who perpetrated the most mass killings in the 20th century (he is in 13th place, having killed 570,000 political adversaries, just below Saddam Hussein, who killed 600,000), such events should be seen as something intolerable. Well, the “someone” that came up with this is Svetlana Makarovič, and last year, the Slovenian Institute for Patriotic Values (Inštitut za domoljubne vrednote) demanded the prohibition of the event (as did Društvo Moris), but the request was rejected at the administrative unit of Ljubljana. In response, Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković wrote a letter in which he listed some statements about the history of the “liberation” of Ljubljana. We turned to Dr Stane Granda to comment on the statements, and he described them as stupid and at odds with basic historical facts.

In the letter, which is written with a very aggressive and negative tone, using words such as “be sure to understand the following”, Zoran Janković stresses that on 9 May 1945 the city of Ljubljana was liberated by partisan units with a red star. Granda, who has a doctorate in history, responded that “the occupier certainly did not leave the territory because of a victorious partisan army but due to events on the eastern and western front. The occupiers withdrew – when someone withdraws due to someone else, is that a liberation? But the fact is that there were horrific battles even at the edge of Ljubljana, and many have fallen.”

It was not the partisans who defeated the Germans, but the allies on other fronts
At the end of the letter, Janković writes: “If this had not happened (that the partisans liberated Slovenia), Slovenians would now speak Italian, German or Hungarian.” Granda dismisses this statement as stupid: “What Janković is saying does not correspond to anything. First, Italians already left in 1943, and second, the victory did not happen in Slovenia, but on other fronts. Such an opinion is at odds with basic facts. With it he actually denies the contribution of the western and eastern allies and distorts historical truth. He is making fun of Soviet and American victims.”

The worship of symbols is part of primitivism – the red star is a sad symbol tainted with blood 
“Some people in Slovenia obviously have the right to organise anything, I would boycott all such events,”
said Granda and strongly condemned events that glorify symbols of totalitarian regimes. “The worship of symbols is part of primitivism and we can clearly see that Slovenia used to be the most Stalinist of all former communist territories. It is a sad symbol and it is the only thing they have to offer. They have nothing else aside from the worship of a symbol that is bloody, as bloody as its colour.”

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