Sebastjan Jeretič on developments at RTV SLO: Eugenija Carl – editor-in-chief of Slovenia


I am among the most respected political analysts in Slovenia, and I often appear on television. Some do not agree with my analyses, some say that I do not have a clue about politics anyway, but most do recognise that I am knowledgeable in this field, which is how I established myself in the media. Usually, journalists who consult me are also satisfied with my appearances and comments. However, for years, I have been almost completely barred from one member of the media since they only rarely invite me to their studio.

Years ago, I was often a guest at TV Slovenija – from Studio City to the Odmevi show. But in the last few years, this has become an exception, and colleagues have told me why this is the case. There is a person in Slovenia that would like to be the editor-in-chief of everything that is happening in the country – someone who elevates her personal conflicts to the level of national interest and quickly badmouths everyone that does not bow down to her and cooperate. Recently, I have met colleagues from the public broadcaster, and they have told me under their breaths that those who dare invite me on television are quickly subjected to brutal pressure from Eugenija Carl. And because they fear her influence on the management of the broadcaster, they prefer to apologise to me, hoping I would understand.

Some colleagues from other members of the media have also told me a while ago that Eugenija Carl along with some colleagues from the same public broadcaster even tried to bar me completely from appearing anywhere. They told people to stop asking me for my opinion, explaining that I work for Popovič, that I am very critical of the media in general, and so on and so forth. These friends have asked me whether these ladies from the broadcaster are in their right minds. However, they have admitted that they are in fact a bit scared of some of them. Well, the result of this attempt at campaigning against me was that other members of the media have opened their doors even wider for me.

Eugenija Carl is a journalist who has lied. A journalist who transfers her personal grudges to the screen of the national broadcaster, which is paid for by all Slovenian citizens. I have experienced this first-hand. Eugenija Carl is a public servant who abuses her position. She should be dismissed, not allowed to terrorise a public institution.

In the end, her actions tried the patience of her colleagues a little too much, and one of the most respectable journalists in Slovenia, Rosvita Pesek, obviously had enough. She publicly wrote that she had had enough of Eugenija Carl and her methods of operation and her criticism of other colleagues. Rosvita Pesek had been attacked by Eugenija Carl for asking the president of the opposition to comment on the resignation of the Slovenian prime minister. In what normal country would a normal journalist criticise asking the head of opposition to comment on the resignation of the prime minister. In what normal country would an ordinary journalist have the right to publicly badmouth the editorial choices of her broadcaster? In none. Anywhere else, she would get a kick in the butt and a dismissal.

When Rosvita Pesek had enough, posting her opinion on Facebook, Eugenija Carl clearly revealed what bothered her. She is bothered that someone on state television, which is funded through an obligatory tax, dares to ask a person she hates for an opinion, even if it is the leader of the opposition and one who is among the most likely people to win at this year’s election. Not only that, it also bothers her – and I also recognised myself in this, though I hope I am not being to presumptuous – when people that have publicly insulted and discredited journalists (read: her personally) are invited to comment.

Thus, she is bothered that other journalists on state television are doing their job instead of having the personal grudges of one of their colleagues take priority over professionalism.
What does the name Eugenija Carl stand for? It stands for the arbitrariness of some that occupy influential positions, abusing them for their personal agenda. A Slovenia of small-mindedness, a Slovenia of unprofessional behaviour, of staleness. I hope the state broadcaster will keep at least a handful of those that are upright enough not to succumb to her pressure. I hope that in a few years, the name Eugenija Carl will not stand for anything. I hope that people in Slovenia will finally get a breath of fresh air. And if we want an open and pluralistic society, various Eugenija Carls must be removed from responsible positions in Slovenia. Somehow, I feel that this day is approaching after all. Soon, there will be an opportunity for change. Do not miss it.

Sebastjan Jeretič

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