There was a time when, according to Gašpar Mišič, Janković was “one of the most honest people in Slovenia”

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It was in 2012, soon after Zoran Janković had won the election. He had not managed to form a coalition and sent his party into the opposition bench. Numerous deputies of Positive Slovenia were dissatisfied with the role of an opposition, and so they committed a few blunders. The biggest was definitely committed by Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, the future president of the management board of the Port of Koper, when he stated that Zoran Janković was “one of the most honest people in Slovenia”, which drew loud laughter from others in the Slovenian Parliament. We have collected several responses from YouTube about the “most honest politician and best manager in Slovenia”. There is clearly a disparity between the image of Janković that has been created by the dominant media and the opinion of some ordinary people who are aware of the dirty background in the career of the current Ljubljana mayor.

Now that the life of the Ljubljana mayor has been shaken by numerous affairs that leaked out of prosecution documents, we can recall the years during which he had complete media and political protection, when it was not permitted to say or write anything bad about him even though everyone was talking about the corrupt practices in the Municipality of Ljubljana, and those with better memories could say a lot concerning the time when he was president of the management board at Mercator. Nevertheless, the media and the elite created a disgusting story about him being the best manager in Slovenia.

Janković’s former colleague at Positive Slovenia, Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, was definitely a part of this, claiming that Zoran Janković was “one of the most honest people in Slovenia”, which drew loud laughter from others in the Slovenian Parliament. It is probably not necessary to emphasise that this statement is both a very comical and a very sad one since it shows the naivety of those that thought Janković was truly an honest businessman and politician.

No progress without criminal charges?
We called Gašpar Gašpar Mišič, who explained that this statement had only referred to Zoran Janković as a businessman, i.e. compared the president of the board of Mercator with the “tycoons. Under his leadership, Mercator persisted and grew while companies led by tycoons failed. Mercator developed as much as it could and has never failed.” He added that back then, when he had extolled Janković’s honesty, Janković had been attacked “because of Mercator. People make mistakes when working. A mayor without criminal charges … such a Municipality won’t see any progress. If there are no criminal charges, then nothing is getting done, and the money is used for current transfers; but when things are built, when there is progress, criminal charges appear immediately.” He did not wish to comment on anything else that is happening at the moment as he has neither the interest nor adequate information, but he wants to trust the judicial system.

When a bum speaks out without mincing words
Random cameras also caught a homeless man from Ljubljana who did not mince words when he told mayor Janković to go back to where he had come from, expressing very clearly what he thinks about him, his controversial practices, and his candidacy.

“How does he get involved in media with his hypocritical smile?”
A few years ago, Janković’s guest appearance on a show on national television was livened up by a viewer from Koroška who had been greatly angered by Janković’s affairs: the diplomas with his son Jure, machinations with Mercator and the underpaid saleswomen, the disgraceful construction of the Stožice stadium with its unpaid contractors, some of whom had even committed suicide. Due to all of this, he actually told Janković to go back to Serbia, and we do not doubt that the Serbian judiciary would be far more likely to stop the listed activities and that Serbian voters would ensure that such a person could never be elected again.

C. Š., M. S.

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