Miro Cerar announced early elections

Miro Cerar (foto: epa)

According to our information, Prime Minister of Slovenia and President of the Modern Centre Party (SMC) Miro Cerar has convened the leaderships of local SMC committees, telling them at a conference of the party to start preparing for elections, which are expected to be held in autumn. Cerar justified his announcement by explaining that the elections will be held because of excessive frictions within the coalition, i.e. because of the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DeSUS) and the Social Democrats (SD).

This is exactly what we at Nova24TV have been predicting for a long time. The early elections were also predicted by the champion of the opposition Janez Janša. Even before the migrant crisis, Janša said that there was too much friction within the coalition, and there were conjectures that SMC had failed to satisfy all lobbies, the majority of which were nourished by the Social Democrats.

The government coalition is falling apart
It has been clear for a long time that this coalition will not reach the end of its mandate. The interests of individual parties within the coalition have been too different. And the Social Democrats clearly did not like the government interfering inside its sandbox. Let us recall that the coalition partners already quarrelled during the agreement of the government with the FIDES union, and after that there was a dispute concerning recruitment when SMC and DeSUS saw eye to eye while SD was left behind. And a few days ago, Bojan Požar wrote that Miro Cerar had allegedly demanded the resignation of Slovenian Minster of Agriculture Dejan Židan because of the “Teran” wine.

It is clear that the leftists and trimmers have come to a point where they can no longer stick together. Money is scarce, and there are too many different interests. The leftists have exhausted Slovenia to the point that there is not enough money to feed all the sharks in the economically criminal pond of the Left. As we predicted, early elections are coming, and now we can only wait and see what new identities the leftists will assume. But the most important thing is that after three years of the Cerar catastrophe, after a year of the Bratušek catastrophe, and after three years of the Pahor catastrophe, people stop voting for the Left. The country has regressed enough under the tyranny of the Left. It is time for a new beginning.