A group of violent left-wing protesters tried to tear down the protective fence in front of the parliament; the police had to intervene

Foto: STA

For weeks now, we have been warning that with each protest, the left-wing anti-government protests in Ljubljana are only intensifying. This time, there were organized calls for violence, as well as several clashes with the police officers who were guarding the parliament also happened. Members of the radical left-wing organization Antifa took part in the protests in large numbers, shouting, “You are protecting the fascists!” and attacked the police officers.

Unlike the previous anti-government protests, which passed relatively peacefully, this time, with the growing number of Antifa members attending, there were clashes with the police. The protesters got off their bikes and initially walked around the city in order to intimidate the passers-by.

Members of the extremist group Antifa at work
Members of the Antifa, who initially carried the banner with the inscription, “Limitless solidarity. Against repression, militarism, and fascism,” left the banner behind after arriving in front of the well-secured parliament. Other protesters also gathered, and attacks on the police officers began.

Members of the Antifa were in the foreground, dressed in black with their faces covered. Among them, a black-and-red flag was fluttering, a symbol of anarcho-communism. After the initial brawl and attacks on police officers in front of the building of the parliament, insults and chanting began: “You are protecting the fascists!” “A group of disguised Antifa members, who are Soros’ mercenaries, and a guard which is being led by the Left, fought with the police,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The Antifa terrorist organization is already rioting and challenging the police. Soon, they will start smashing shop windows and destroying cars. A well-known scenario, imported and paid for from abroad,” another Twitter user commented. Online commentators sided with the police and advocated for treating violent radicals without mercy.

“The Trade union Mladi plus (“Youth Plus”) also expressed their support for Friday’s protests in an open letter,” STA wrote. The union is led by Tea Jarc, for whom it was already established in the past that she is connected with the Open Society Foundation of the Jewish billionaire George Soros.

A video clip of the police taking away one of the organizers of the protests, the son of the General Prosecutor, Jaša Jenull, has also appeared online. It seems, after all, that he is not quite as untouchable as he imagined.

Police officers had to intervene because of a group of protesters
Ljubljana Police Directorate: “Yesterday, June 12th, 2020, protesters began to gather in the vicinity of Prešeren Square, and shortly after 7 p.m., they started moving in a column towards the Republic Square, where about 5,000 people gathered. The police officers on the location were performing the tasks of protecting the building of the National Assembly, maintaining public order, ensuring the safety of the participants in the protest rally, regulating traffic, and monitoring compliance with the Ordinance on the temporary general ban on movement and gathering of people in public places and areas in the Republic of Slovenia. Police officers warned the participants of the public gathering to follow the measures enforced by the decree for the prevention and spread of the infectious diseases. The gathering was mostly peaceful, but the police closed several streets in the area to ensure safety. At around 8 p.m., several protesters jumped over the guardrail, and several dozen protesters began trying to tear it down. In doing so, they did not follow the orders of the police officers to stop the violation. Several people were arrested and brought to the police station, all of whom were fined due to violating Article 22 of the Protection of Public Order Act. Later, several dozen protesters gathered in front of the Ljubljana – Centre Police Station, where the detainees were taken to. Police officers closed Trdinova Street for the safety of the protesters and the traffic.

In addition to this, during their time of protecting the rally, the police officers carried out eight identification procedures and found a violation of Article 7 of the Protection of Public Order Act. However, the collecting of information regarding the event continues, and, in the event of additional detected offenses or criminal offenses, action will be taken, in accordance with the law.”

Many of the privileged leftists also attended the protests
At yesterday’s protests, there were also many of the privileged leftists, who have been on the receiving end of funds from Slovenian taxpayers for decades now: from Boris A. Novak, Vinko  Möderndorfer, Svetlana Makarovič, to the “spoiled sons” of the well-known regime families of Ljubljana, such as the quasi-theatre director Jaša Jenull, who was among the protesters who jumped over the guardrail in front of the parliament and then had to be arrested by the police.

C. Š.