Additional measures taken to help limit the spread of the coronavirus!

Preverjanje temperature na slovensko-madžarski meji (foto: EPA)

Ljubljana, March 17th – the Government continues to adopt new measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Slovenia. Some key Government decrees are coming into effect today, including the ban on air transport, roadworthiness tests, and vehicle registration. The decree amending the work of the National Security Council is also coming into effect.

Air transport

Today, the Government Ordinance on the prohibition of performing air service in the Republic of Slovenia goes into effect. The ordinance applies to all air traffic inside the EU until the end of March 30th, and to all transport from or to non-EU countries, until cancellation. The ban only applies to passenger transport.

The prohibition does not apply to aircraft engaged in the international scheduled or special carriage of goods or mail, or to aircraft performing international special air services without the carriage of passengers, on flights to their base, or to maintenance (the so-called ferry flights).

The decree adopted today has temporarily suspended the carrying out of roadworthiness tests and other procedures relating to the registration of motor vehicles. Traffic licences, including motor vehicle insurance, are extended until April 16th, 2020.#Coronavirus https://t.co/2l9AoiLCpC

Vlada Republike Slovenije (@vladaRS) March 16, 2020

Another exception to the prohibition of air traffic are individual flights by foreign national airplanes or helicopters if the reasons for their flight are humanitarian or medical.

Technical inspections of motor vehicles

To curb the spread of the new coronavirus, the Government has temporarily suspended the carrying out of roadworthiness tests and other procedures, relating to motor vehicle registration and work in tachograph workshops, which comes into effect today. The ban is valid until April 16th, and the validity of traffic permits, including motor vehicle insurance, is extended.

The validity of traffic permits, including motor vehicle insurance and ADR certificates for the transport of dangerous goods, which will expire in the time between the prohibition coming into force and April 16th, will be extended until May 16th.

The National Security Council

Today, the decree on the National Security Council enters into force, which states that during the times of war or emergency situations, the Council is transformed into a National Defence Operational Headquarters, in accordance with the decrees of the Defence Act.

Today, the @URS_ZR established a unified protocol for distributing protective equipment to the municipalities. Those who are most exposed will be given priority: medical staff, firefighters, taxi drivers, … All efforts are focused on ensuring that soon there is enough protective equipment for everyone! #COVID19 #SkupajMocnejsi pic.twitter.com/9AFXXDxUva

Matej Tonin (@MatejTonin) March 16, 2020

The National Security Council is responsible for the coordination of the national security policy and for directing and coordinating activities that pursue national security interests and objectives. The Government appointed the following people to the Council: the Prime Minister, who is also the President of the Council, the Deputy Prime Ministers, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance. With this decree, the director of the Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency, and the Minister of Justice are no longer members of the Council; the new members are the Deputy Prime Ministers.

Bakeries, butchers, farms, markets and the like

The temporary ban on the provision and sale of goods and services directly to consumers in Slovenia has a few exceptions – namely, food stores, which include bakeries and butchers.

Farms can also continue to offer and sell their produce on the farm, as can the agricultural cooperatives. The exception from the temporary ban on the provision and sale of goods and services directly to consumers also applies to markets where food is sold, but not other products.

Distance sales and delivery services

Ordering goods and food online is considered distance selling, but an order for a home service does not. Likewise, take away or drive-in services are not allowed. The companies can continue their business with delivery services.

Mechanics, vulcanisers, tow trucks

As public transport is temporarily banned, auto mechanic and repair services are urgently needed and can continue to operate. Just like the rest of the necessary services that help ensure public safety and health, the tow services and other roadside assistance businesses can continue to operate. This does not apply to vulcaniser services.

Sale of goods and services to companies

The temporary ban on the provision and sale of goods and services directly to consumers only applies to business-to-consumer relations and does not include business-to-business operations. For example, a cleaning service may continue to operate if it provides service for businesses. Tractor repairers may also continue to provide their services. As the Government explains, the decree does not interfere with relations between companies, for example between legal and natural persons engaged in a gainful activity, regardless of its legal form, or ownership.

Public health and safety services

Providing other emergency services to help ensure public safety and health, including the provision of psychological assistance, is admissible. Psychological help is absolutely necessary for the health of individuals. However, it is recommended that telecommunication services be used to help control the coronavirus epidemic. Physiotherapy and massage services are not part of this category.

Funeral services

Funeral and burial services may continue, but it is advised that only the closest family circle of the deceased is present at the service.

Real estate agents

Real estate brokerage services are not excepted from the temporary ban on the provision and sale of goods and services directly to consumers.

Building manager services

According to the Government’s interpretation, during the temporary ban on the provision and sale of goods and services, only the essential maintenance works, without which the lives and safety of the residents would be endangered, are allowed.

Chimney sweepers, plumbers, ceramists

Chimney sweeping services can be provided, with extra care being taken to ensure protection during contact. Plumber services are permitted in the case of emergency, where public safety and health are endangered. However, laying tiles is not included in the necessary services.