Ailing country: The police is going after the flag of Carniola while totalitarian symbols are still paraded with impunity at state celebrations

Foto: STA

A Slovenian citizen has received a payment order and been threatened with a forced removal of a flag with the coat of arms of Carniola, which he had hung in honour of his neighbour, who had fought under this flag together with Rudolf Maister. At the same time the public carrying of flags of totalitarian Yugoslav, Soviet, and Nazi systems still remains unpunished.

Slovenia is a country which still fails to adhere to all democratic principles; this has been demonstrated by a story of a Slovenian citizen. One week ago, he honoured his neighbour – one of Maister’s fighters – by hanging up the flag of Carniola, under which the most important fighter for the Slovenian territory had fought.

In an exclusive interview for Nova24TV he stated that the police had immediately shown up on his doorstep because the flag had allegedly upset some of his neighbours. It should be noted that the flag is not offensive to anyone as it is part of Slovenian history, a cultural and national heritage of those times. At any rate, it is not a Slovenian Home Guard flag, which is still the generally prevailing belief and is based on communist ideology.

Because the owner of the flag did not wish to remove it from his house, he has received a payment order from the police, who have declared that they would return in eight days with a court order for the forced removal and confiscation of the flag. The Slovenian patriot feels victimised since the country is punishing him for something completely legal and acceptable while the parading of red star symbols does not bother anyone. 200 million people around the world have died because of the red star, and in Slovenia it has left behind 600 mass post-war killing fields, but some in Slovenia are still parading it with impunity as if they were national heroes.

Miha Pirih