Aleš Hojs: “There will come a time when the Slovenian Army will be aware of when, where and how it was formed!”

Foto: Barbara Pirh

Kočevska Reka is a historic place in Slovenia’s independence. In the year that Slovenia celebrates its 25th anniversary of independence, it is proper to remember such events that were crucial in accomplishing its independence. In this place, there stood men and women, who, as democrats and patriots, were willing to do anything for the freedom of Slovenia and its independent statehood. When the time came, they kept their promise. At the event, with one minute of silence they paid their respects to those who gave their homeland the most one can give – their lives.

For many years, the VSO association has been preparing ceremonies in this place to commemorate this event, and for this reason it was Aleš Hojs, president of the VSO, who was the first person to stand in front of the microphone. He also recalled the day the first Slovenian constitution was adopted, namely 23 December 1991. Back then, there was not one author of the constitution who would dare to link the constitution with the SFRY.

Although many people who participated in the writing of the constitution were important members of the former regime, they felt the constitution would bring changes, a breaking. In the constitution, they stated freedom, justice, democracy and everything that should apply to a modern country. A slightly different story happened to the restructuring of our defence system. Regarding the Slovenian army, he is optimistic and believes that even the army will one day be aware of when, where and how it was formed, stressing that this time is definitely not far.

Barbara Pirh