Analyst Iršič on the media attacks: This is a coordinated campaign to prevent the collapse of socialist parties, which are afraid of plunging into obscurity because of the good work the government is doing!

Marjan Šarec in Dejan Židan.

On Twitter, an expert on China’s economic and political system has revealed some facts that are persistently being ignored by the dominant media. Mitja Iršič firstly emphasized that in the procurement of protective equipment, we are competing with large countries that we could never defeat, since capable intelligence services that do not employ any “beautiful Natašas” procure the masks for the bigger countries. According to Iršič, the Tarča (Target) show was completely ignorant of the situation in which we have found ourselves, among other things, they forgot to mention the fact that the previous government left behind empty warehouses for protective equipment. And the two biggest culprits for this are now calling for interpellation, which is historically unique and a new low for Slovenian politics. Iršič believes that this is a coordinated campaign with the intent of preventing the collapse of the socialist parties.

On Twitter, an expert on China’s economic and political system has revealed some interesting facts that continue to be ignored by the dominant media outlets. Mitja Iršič pointed out that he personally knows some Chinese citizens who are involved in logistics but have recently only been dealing with the procurement of protective masks, disinfectant, and ventilators. As he explained, this is a dog-eat-dog situation of who can offer more, and Slovenia, being a small country, will never be able to make the highest offer: “Capable intelligence services that do not employ any “beautiful Natašas” are taking care of the procurement of the masks for the bigger countries. The game of who can offer more quickly turns into the game of who knows whom. The more important person wins. Connections are crucial at a time when supply and demand are this unbalanced.” Even the masks that Aleksander Čeferin helped supply were not a “free lunch.” Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is closely connected to the leaders of the communist party and has been using the tactic of free treats for decades now, in many ASEAN countries, ensuring greater servility of the local leaders for the interests of his country, by using the carrot and stick.

The show Tarča completely ignores the situation we have found ourselves in – among other things, also because of the empty warehouses of protective equipment
“We desperately needed the masks – this was literally a matter of life and death. Whoever was able to get the masks then, I admire them – I would not have been able to, even if someone offered 5 euros per mask,” Iršič then pointed out, noting that the show Tarča was presenting the matter as if the times we are in were normal, and we were not in the midst of one of the greatest crises in the history of mankind. They made it seem as if the problematic public procurements were carried out in a peaceful and leisurely Slovenian manner, without any haste. “To problematize the selected few orders, out of the hundreds of orders that were executed, based on ‘he was pushing me to do it,’ is insane and it seems as if they are living in a bubble, not aware of the impending catastrophe, into which Marjan Šarec has brought us with his inactivity,” Iršič explained.

The two biggest culprits for the empty warehouses of protective equipment are now calling for interpellation, which is historically unique and a new low for Slovenian politics
To expect the stiff Slovenian machine for public procurement to work smoothly and be able to compete with the more agile foreign rivals without any slips or impromptu shortcuts in the given situation is naïve and, at worst, disgusting politicism, Iršič believes. “The two biggest culprits for the empty warehouses, who are politically opportunistic and are calling for an interpellation in the midst of such a catastrophe (which has never happened before and is historically unique!) are corrupt politicians and I can safely say – we have reached a new low for Slovenian politics,” Iršič wrote.

This is a coordinated campaign with the intent of preventing the collapse of the socialist parties
The fact that the conversation was recorded and that they tried to get Počivalšek to say something they wanted to hear him say, and especially that the representative of the Commodity Reserve acted as if he is in some sort of a pre-election confrontation, where he is a part of the “anti-Janšaistic” alliance, is telling. This is a coordinated campaign, Iršič further pointed out, adding that the government’s work is good: “The socialist parties were just about to become obscure, just like they have in the UK and USA. The responsibility for the situation had to be put on somebody else, at least until the left politics can find a new messiah (Šarec is a political corpse).”

At the beginning of the year, Iršič was monitoring the outbreak of the epidemic in China, which then turned into a global pandemic…
In January, Iršič was actually in China, from where he reported back to Nova24TV, the national RTV, Siol, and Ognjišče on numerous occasions. Among other things, he repeatedly warned the outgoing Slovenian government of the fact that there was a high probability of a pandemic, the likes of which we have never seen before, hitting us like a tsunami. “When I came back to the EU and stepped on Slovenian soil without having my temperature checked even once, and when the National Institute of Public Health told me, under the guidance of loyal SD personnel, that I could just return back to my normal life, be with other people if I don’t have a fever… That is when I knew we were headed for the abyss,” Iršič explained. Despite the well-intentioned advice from the members of the Social Democrats party at the National Institute of Public Health, Iršič decided to self-isolate.

But he knew that the inevitable was coming. At the time, the first cases were being reported in Italy and France. A perfect storm was quickly approaching, and some countries were already preparing for it. “Even though I knew it, I could not believe that Šarec’s ego would be such a destructive force that he would not announce a state of emergency until the very last possible minute (just to spite Janša). Right until the very end, we were listening to them talk about how the right is trying to politicize the issue and how the experts still believe that those without symptoms can socialize freely,” he pointed out.

By Thursday, 79 people have died already, and one of the main culprits for it wants to interpellate those who are putting out the fires he started. “But in a way, I am kind of looking forward to the interpellation – the time has come for all of us to find out what happened on those faithful days from March 1st to March 13th. It is time for the masks to fall. Šarec does not belong in politics,” Iršič concluded.

Rok Krajnc