Antifa protesters surrounded a Nova24TV vehicle; a man wearing a mask sat on the hood of the car, others were banging on the windows and kicking it

At the crossroads of Gosposvetska and Tivolska street, the Antifa blocked the vehicle of the Nova24TV filming crew. (Photo: Twitter)

A Nova24TV journalist Luka Svetina posted a video on Twitter on Saturday, which shows a group of protesters on their bikes, disguised in black, who blocked the driver who was driving through the centre of Ljubljana on Gosposvetska street. According to Svetina, the protesters surrounded the Nova24TV vehicle, which was being driven by a cameraman. The video shows a protester, apparently a member of the far-left group Antifa, who sat on the hood of the car and tried to jump on it several times. Other protesters allegedly banged on the car windows and even kicked the car. The footage shows that the cyclist who sat on the hood of the car refused to stop jumping up and down on it, despite the fact that the driver repeatedly honked at him. The group only drove away after they heard the police siren.

“I would like you to see how certain Friday protesters are behaving. This is how the masked Antifa members blocked the Nova24Tv car last Friday. One sat on the hood of the car, jumping up and down. They were banging on the windows and threatening us. My cameraman said that hatred was spewing out of them,” Luka Svetina wrote on Twitter. He also posted a video from the second protest of another protest of the leftists, “against the coalition of hate,” which happened at the end of February, just a few days before the new Government was sworn in, showing that individuals in front of the Desus headquarters were shouting “Kill Janša” in Serbian, while the others were laughing and seemed to approve of their actions.

After the video was posted on Twitter, the editorial staff of Nova24TV was contacted by several readers of our web portal, who claim to have recognized the violent cyclist protester. “Despite the poor quality of the footage, it seems to me that the people on the footage are these two patients. Especially the one whose face is circled.” a reader wrote. He sent us two pictures of the men he suspects are on the video clip.

The so-called members of the Antifa are very well disguised so that the police and the media cannot recognize them, but they are on the front lines of the cyclist protests, practically all the time. “I know, the “heroes” are hiding. In this case, I observe well; his eyes have something different about them; they are somehow “special,” so they are easy to remember. He has kind of a special face,” our reader wrote. The editorial staff of Nova24TV intends to report the men to the police, should they be recognized by anyone.

The Antifa is a radial political resistance movement, comprised of the self-proclaimed anti-fascist groups, rooted in European political movements from the 1930s. It is a far-left movement, but it is more concerned with fighting the far-right ideology, including the neoliberal economic system than with promoting left-wing policies. They are anti-government, anti-capitalist groups which also resort to violence, vandalism, and direct confrontation with supporters of the right-wing political option, in order to achieve their main goals.

In Slovenia, the best-organized group of left-wing extremists is located in the capital. Namely, Antifa Ljubljana has its own Facebook page, on which they invite like-minded people to join the anti-government protests, and they also share content that is filled with the totalitarian symbols of communism. Members often attend the National Liberation Movement rallies, from the more traditional ones in Dražgoše, to the modern ones in Menina planina.

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