Anything to be in power: Židan’s SD panics – now they would also team up with the Left

Foto: STA

Some are prepared to do anything to come to power. Last week, New Slovenia (NSi) announced that despite the progress in the coalition negotiations between six parties – led by the List of Marjan Šarec (LMŠ) – they are withdrawing from them. This seems to have thrown the Social Democrats (SD) into a panic. The youth section of the party (Mladi Forum) wrote on Twitter that now everything depends on their friends in the Left party, who need to take responsibility and help form a centre-left government.

The strongest reaction in SD came from Jernej Štromajer, who had unsuccessfully run for deputy at the Slovenian parliamentary election this year. He wrote on Twitter that New Slovenia had wasted the opportunity to become the CDU of Slovenia. At the same time – like his younger colleagues in the youth section – he suggested to the Left party to agree upon a common left-wing platform, and then go negotiate with the liberals together.

Janša exposes SD and describes the coalition as tycoon-left
Janez Janša, the winner of the parliamentary election, also commented on the response of SD, writing on Twitter that there must have been some mistake regarding the term centre-left government – tycoon-left would have been more appropriate. “A mistake regarding the term (should be tycoon-left), but we support it. It seems Slovenia needs to experience Venezuela at home for masks to fall off and the fog to lift.”

Principle: exclusion and mud-slinging if you are not ‘well-intentioned’
Even though Dejan Židan wrote to Janez Janša that power at all costs is not the goal of the Social Democrats, it is obvious that this is not true and that it is a great lie. With regards to the decision of SD, Židan wrote among other things: “We will implement the vision of a confident Slovenia, work towards a progressive Slovenia and continue to fight for the decent living of all people, either as an opposition party or a government party, but only with those that are truly well-intentioned and act accordingly. Let me thus thank you for the invitation and wish you all the best in your search for potential partners in the hope that in the future you will also recognise a model of political activity in accepting diversity, freedom, openness and progress.”

Given that Štromajer, according to Tonin, asked “whether the interim president of the Slovenian National Assembly has returned the seat yet?”, we can see that SD is all about opportunism. If you benefit us, you get the carrot, but if you are “naughty” (i.e. do not act for our benefit), you get the stick. Or if we use their language: “If you are not with us, you are not well-intentioned”. The decision of the executive board of NSi was obviously not to their liking. They seem to be upset that the party, led by Matej Tonin, doubts the stability and sustainability of a coalition with six parties.

It seems that the left, by claiming that people on the centre-right are right-wing extremists, wants others to label and recognise them as centre-left. They are spreading this term in mainstream media and emphasise that they want to connect people and that they are open to other political options, even though it is clear that their policy is based on exclusion. Progress and modernisation of society will not occur in this way, but SD only cares about forming a government, in one way or another, so that they can continue to hand out carrots. If necessary, they will even cooperate with colleagues from the Left, who are in favour of leaving NATO and getting rid of the Slovenian Armed Forces. Beggars can’t be choosers.