Bolshevik deputy Kordiš loses temper on train and almost assaults two high school students

Foto: Facebook

The radical left-wing extremist Miha Kordiš seems to have lost his temper while on a train from Ljubljana to Škofja Loka. He was so irritated by two patriotic high school students that he wanted to hit them. And only because they were doing things that are rather ordinary for a democratic society – one was reading Manifest za domovino (Manifest for the Homeland) while the other was wearing a shirt that apparently aroused hostile emotions in the “Che Guevara admirer” Kordiš.

Users of Facebook have brought to our attention that Miha Kordiš, a deputy of the extremist Left party, is losing his patience and temper. He posted on Facebook that he had felt like assaulting two high school students, which he expressed with the hashtag #BashTheFash – it is an expression that means “hit the fascist” in left-wing circles. And the reason is simply unbelievable – one of the students had been reading Manifest za domovino, and the other had been wearing a shirt which is “neo-Nazi” according to Kordiš.

The book Manifest za domovino has been criticised since its publication by left-wing fascists, who claim that it promotes violence, hatred and racism. This can only be claimed by people who have never had the book in their hands or are knowingly lying. By urging libraries to not buy the book, they want to prevent the public from verifying the claims and thus damage the reputation of the patriotic movement Generacija Identitete (Generation of Identity). And we can only guess what shirt the other high school student was wearing. Was Kordiš bothered by one of the Slovenian symbols, did the shirt have a logo of one of the successful Slovenian companies, or was Kordiš bothered by the colour of the shirt, which was probably not red?

Kordiš’s appearance often leads to spread of hatred 
Kordiš himself recently attracted attention by wearing a shirt with the picture of the totalitarian dictator Josip Broz Tito, whose regime had been responsible for more than a million deaths, and some lives had also been lost in the war for Slovenia, in which Slovenians had won their independence as well as the democratic system that Kordiš loves abusing to spread hatred and intolerance. He also threatens with other dictators on social networks – for a while, his profile was adorned with pictures of Hugo Chavez, whose regime has already caused thousands of victims along with police violence, hunger and catastrophic conditions, and even Vladimir Lenin. If we consider that Marxism and communism, which are supported by Kordiš, are together responsible for more than 100 million deaths, it is probably Kordiš who deserves a thrashing.

J. Ž.

  • ZatonMesecnikov

    naj svet izve, s kakšnimi revolucionarji Che Guevara tipa ima Slovenija opraviti.

  • totex39

    Tudi o vseh komunističnih organizacijah in proslavah, ki se še vršijo v tem času bi morali pisati, da svet izve zakaj v Sloveniji ni napredka. Na novi24 se je veliko pisalo o tem samo prevesti je potrebno, tako kot ta članek.

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