Cerar has ‘provided’ excellently for his family as well: The prime minister’s sister and her husband have earned €1 million in three years

Foto: STA

Today we reveal that the lawyer Nina Brumen, owner of the Brumen law firm in Maribor, which employs Stropnik, has even become a new member of the Slovenian State Election Commission on a proposal from the Modern Centre Party (SMC), which only confirms the suspicion of corruption regardless of the denial by Telekom that the deal (which is being organised by the member of the Management Board Aleš Aberšek) has already been awarded. But this is far from being the only controversial profitable alliance with lawyers in which the current prime minister is involved; today we also reveal the extremely lucrative story of the Cerar – Hafner law firm, where the prime minister’s sister and her husband work and which has succeeded in collecting €800 thousand from budget appropriations according to Erar.

The law firm Cerar – Hafner employs both Alenka Cerar, the sister of Miro Cerar, and her husband Ladislav Hafner. According to publicly available information in Erar, the married couple have “received” exactly €799,214.14 from budget users in the last few years while Ladislav Hafner received an additional €224 thousand as liquidator in insolvency proceedings with his independent company.

It is particularly interesting that Ladislav Hafner received the major part of his income after September 2014, which coincides with the beginning of Miro Cerar leading the Slovenian government after his SMC had won at the stolen elections in the summer of the same year.

Foto: Arhiv Nova24TV.

Controversial appointments of Cerar’s family members and friends to well-paid positions in state services 
This is far from everything; after Miro Cerar had been appointed as prime minister, his sister Alenka Cerar quickly assumed an important office as well, having been appointed as a member of the disciplinary tribunal of the second instance within the framework of establishing disciplinary bodies and bodies for assessing violations of the Code of Professional Ethics for Lawyers (for the period from April 2015 to April 2018).

We also reveal the leading earner in Cerar’s government – Nina Zidar Klemenčič, the wife of Goran Klemenčič, who is the minister of justice that hampered Janez Janša’s second government as president of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC); as a reward, he has been granted an influential political office and now without compunction attends sessions of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia visibly inebriated. But perhaps Klemenčič is not feeling giddy only because of alcohol but also because of the large amounts his wife has received in her bank account just for representing the failed Factor bank – a staggering €887 thousand.

Some irony for the conclusion
In the autumn of 2014, when his government started its work, Cerar was an honorary speaker at a presentation of the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre for witnesses and victims of corruption. He explained how important it is to speak out about things that are painful and socially relevant. He said that too often Slovenians turn a blind eye and do not speak out, that it is also important to be responsible. He was most vocal in accusing those that have been burdened with corruption but are the most vocal in accusing others who are predominantly honest. Perhaps he was talking of himself.

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