Despite decision of supreme court, illegal immigrant Ahmad Šami remains in Slovenia

Ahmad Shamieh (Foto: Facebook).

During a session of the Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services behind closed doors, Slovenian deputies and competent bodies discussed the operation of foreign intelligence cells in the Republic of Slovenia in light of the presence and funding of an Iranian spy network in Europe, as well as the case of Šami, i.e. the situation in this concrete case after the decision of the supreme court of the Republic of Slovenia.

The president of the commission, Branko Grims, said in a statement for the press after the session that the session had been occasioned by the arrests which had taken place about a week ago in Germany – ten members of the Iranian secret service had been arrested, and according to unconfirmed information, all ten of them are on the list of those that had received money laundered through NLB.

Ahmad is not in hospital and still walks around freely        
“The second point under consideration was the returning or extradition of illegal immigrants to the countries from which they’d come, particularly the case of Ahmad Šami. According to our information, Ahmad Šami is still in the Republic of Slovenia, is no longer in a hospital, moves around freely, like before, and the police know where he is,”
Grims explained. He also said that the police had not given a detailed explanation as to why the procedure of the deportation of Ahmad Šami had not been completed. Grims also added that the session of the commission had only been attended by a representative of the crime police, Branko Japelj, but not by the Slovenian minister of interior or the state secretary at the ministry.