Disgraceful: The ‘artist’ Lara Janković has dedicated her album to the communist dictator Chavez, who had reduced his own country to poverty

Lara Janković (Foto: STA)

The Slovenian “establishment” cannot move past its totalitarian mentality. The advocating of genocide, economic and moral collapse, and poverty is still present amongst people who should be setting an example for young people and society. Does Lara Janković even know what is happening in Venezuela or is she simply blabbering away in order to please the people at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela?

The website of the Ministerio del Poder Popular para Relaciones Exteriores of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has an article which reveals that the Slovenian artist Lara Janković, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Venezuela in Slovenia, is preparing a promotional concert at which she will celebrate the release of her latest album – an album she has dedicated toHugo Chavez, the Eternal Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution”. She has also chosen a date in March, probably because Chلvez died on 5 March (how interesting – the Soviet dictator Stalin had died on 5 March as well) four years ago, so the date of the concert promoting her new CD, which is dedicated to this communist dictator, cannot be a coincidence.

Passionately for Chavez?
The aforementioned website goes on to praise Janković, calling her an artist who passionately surrenders to Spanish songs since most of the songs in her project originated in European colonies or Latin America. Her songs make it seem as if people have forgotten to appreciate peace. Janković even said for the Venezuelan Embassy: “I have learned that in today’s world freedom and peace truly are a privilege. We must thank our ancestors who fought for this.”

Janković: ‘We must all learn from Chavez’
In her statement for the embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Janković also said that “in some parts of the world, the existence of freedom and peace requires much courage, perseverance, friendship, and solidarity along with the tragic loss of many lives. A lot of patriotism and national awareness was needed. It’s only fair that we always preserve this memory, respect, awareness, and gratitude. For me, the person who embodies all this is the Supreme Commander of the Bolivarian revolution Chavez, so I’ve decided that I’ll dedicate my last musical project to this exemplary leader of Venezuela. We must all learn from him”.

During his reign, the dictator Chavez had unlawfully amassed a fortune of several billion euros. Chavez’s second oldest daughter Maria Gabriela Chavez has a fortune of €3.8 billion in US and Andorra banks and is the richest women of Venezuela. In public, she often notes that “it’s a sin to be rich”. The same applies to Janković, who represents the leftist elite but fights for equality in poverty. According to data from Supervizor, she has received €52,793.53 of taxpayers’ money since 2008.

M. S.