Eugenija Carl’s callousness: she just watches homeless man for three weeks and even photographs him

Eugenija Carl (Foto: Facebook/Eugenija Carl)

Škandal24 has revealed that the Slovenian national television journalist Eugenija Carl is on friendly terms with the judge and illegal builder Tina Benčič, who has evicted a number of people living in the Slovene Littoral region, perhaps even the man on the bench in front of Eugenija’s flat. But Carl does not report the illegal building of the judge – she only goes after those that are not close to her or her former husband and Benčič’s neighbour, Boris Kočevar, who is an under-secretary at the Office for Environment and Spatial Planning in the municipality of Piran.

On Thursday evening, Carl, who lives in Lucija, apparently tried to depict herself as a compassionate woman, though some of her friends on Facebook almost mocked the notion. Rather than compassion, the post displayed considerable skills in reporting, description, and moralising or rather finger pointing and dictating what is right and what is not.

In the evening, the infamous journalist, who provides selective reporting for the public, posted a photograph of a man on a bench on her Facebook profile and poured out her heart about how she had been watching him for three weeks. Since she apparently does not give selflessly to help a person, she did not simply go to a store and give the man what she thought he needed. No, she went to a store, delivered a bag to the man, and then posted on Facebook, describing all products that she had bought in detail. For three weeks, Eugenija Carl watched a homeless person in front of her flat and did not invite him inside but photographed him and posted his photograph on Facebook. She did not inform social services; after three weeks, she remembered that it was time to become Mother Teresa, photograph the man, post on Facebook, and use her connections at the municipality of Piran as well as involve the Piran deputy mayor Meira Hot.

It is true that before that she had to deal with a lot of personal issues. With her colleague Tanja Gobec being drunk while announcing the Odmevi show and also during the show itself, Eugenija did not have the time to deal with the homeless man in front of her flat but was thinking of herself and all the injustices that she had been suffering. She even remembered the terrible wiper on the RTV Slovenia company car that broke down. And the parking garage where she could not find her car.

If in three weeks in which the homeless man was freezing on a bench in front of her flat she failed to invite the poor man inside or call social services, she did find time to visit the police about criminal charges concerning a person that threatened her.

On Thursday, having a guilty conscience because she just stood by and watched a man without anything on the bench in front of her flat, she managed to find some time – she ran to the store and shamed her neighbours on Facebook: “I can’t be the only one watching this every day …”