Every time the left gets into trouble, we witness similar performances for the public to Tuesday’s investigation at Počivalšek’s home!

Andrej Šircelj, Zdravko Počivalšek and Andrej Magajna

On Tuesday, we witnessed a public performance by the criminal investigators from the National Bureau of Investigation, when they carried out house searches, related to the questionable transactions in the procurement of medical equipment. Minister of the Economy, Zdravko Počivalšek, and Andreja Potočnik are among the suspects. This all coincides with the new crisis of the left and the deep state in general, which has no end in sight, especially with the growing popularity of the SDS party and other coalition parties. We had already witnessed similar performances for the public in the past, among other things, with the aim of discrediting the SDS, and gaining communication, the authorities broke into the party’s headquarters, and the then-MP Andrej Šircelj was a collateral victim of the whole affair. A similar thing happened to another former member of Parliament, Andrej Magajna.

On Tuesday, we witnessed a public performance of the criminal investigators from the National Bureau of Investigation, when they carried out house searches, related to the questionable transactions in the procurement of medical equipment. Minister of the Economy, Zdravko Počivalšek, and Andreja Potočnik, who was a member of Počivalšek’s project group and a former SMC MP, are among the suspects. According to our information, the orders for the house searches were signed by the investigating Judge Mojca Kocjančič, the former wife of the Minister of Justice from the failed LDS party, Aleš Zalar. The general public knows Kocjančič from the pharmacist affair, in which she ordered that the phone-tapping evidence against Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković be thrown out. Our source tells us that the order is very amateurish, as it is said not to include any concrete evidence, and it is said to even refer to the show Tarča, Ivan Gale, and Rihard Knafelj. Unofficial sources confirm that the deep state went “into action” as soon as the magazine Mladina (youth) published its own version of charges against Zdravko Počivalšek, which shows that this could have been a coordinated and organized campaign by the National Bureau of Investigation (Nacionalni preiskovalni urad – hereinafter referred to as NPU), in conjunction with the mainstream media outlets, and what is also suspicious, is how well-informed the web portal Necenzurirano (uncensored) is about the matter. Necenzurirano is owned by the tycoon Martin Odlazek, who is very close to Marjan Šarec and his “shield-bearer,” Damir Črnčec.

This is not the first time we are witnessing the public performances, which happen when the deep state gets into trouble
The political left and the entire deep state have run into many problems in recent months, which are not likely to end soon, with the growing popularity of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS). In mid-December 2015, when the then-government, in which the Social Democrats played a powerful role, found itself in a precarious situation, they decided to fully criminalize the work of the executive and non-executive directors of bad bank, whom they had, just before that, removed in a personnel-change tsunami, and practically ran them out of the country. This is proven by the order for the investigation, issued by Judge Deša Cener, who is otherwise known to the general public from the NLB affair, as she refused to grant the National Assembly Commission’s request to inspect the credit files of the bank which the taxpayers had to save.

The real goal of the performance for the public in 2015 was to discredit SDS: the NPU even broke into the party headquarters
According to the Judge, the suspects were Aleš Koršič, Boštjan Gjerkeš, Anders Torbjorn Ingemar Mannson, and other, as of yet unidentified persons, from the DUTB (Bank Assets Management Company) and other companies, due to abuse of position or trust in the economic activity.

Andrej Šircelj was also a suspect, and he attracted the most media attention, due to his help in the criminal offense of abuse of position or trust in the economic activity. That is why the Judge ordered a “house search of the business premises at Trstenjakova 8, Ljubljana, where the business address of the Slovenian Democratic Party is, /… /, and where the premises are also used by Andrej Šircelj. 

“This is a very bizarre excuse,” the leader of the party, Janez Janša, responded to the Judge’s order to confiscate Šircelj’s correspondence at the headquarters of the then-largest opposition party, and continued: “So, you initiate the legal proceedings against one of our members, who has an e-mail on our server, reach our servers, and thus get to view the entire electronic communication of the SDS party from the last 10 years.”

Media’s silence about the epilogue
As mentioned, in 2015, the regime media wrote a lot of made-up things about Šircelj, but things were completely different in 2019 when the story ended, and surprisingly, none of the media were interested in it anymore. For example, STA (Slovenian Press Agency), wrote that the criminal investigators are closing this case after almost four years. They also reported that Andrej Šircelj was no longer among the suspects of any crime.

“Incredible or expected. As far as I am concerned, it was expected. Andrej Šircelj and I talked back then, and even last year, about what he might have done wrong and what could have been viewed as controversial in his actions, from the criminal law point of view. He explained to me in great detail the situation surrounding the establishment of DUTB, as we both wanted to figure out if there could have been anything controversial in his actions. The conclusion was clear. There was nothing wrong,” Vinko Gorenak, Ph.D., commented on the matter in his column back then, as, in 2015, he was Šircelj’s colleague in the Parliament. According to Gorenak, someone that was connected to both the criminal police, prosecutors, and investigating judges, or perhaps even all of the above, and they abused their position and wanted to get all of the information about the communications of almost 30.000 members of the SDS party. Šircelj was only the collateral damage in the matter.

Former MP Andrej Magajna also revealed details about the attempts to discredit him
Former Member of Parliament, Andrej Magajna, was also a target of a similar attempt to discredit him. “It was all very well organized. I was anticipating they would come, as someone hinted at it. I was warned that there would be an investigation. I myself had nothing to hide. And when the bell rang on November 3rd, at 6 a.m., it was still dark outside; the cops were at my door. Not even half an hour or fifteen minutes had passed, and I looked out the window and saw headlights. Journalists, a couple of cars with Proplus written on them. They create such fabrications, which then furthers the suspicion that certain journalists and the police are connected,” the former MP Andrej Magajna revealed, who was accused of paedophilia, because of his disobedience in the National Assembly – all with the support of POP TV. He struggled with the workings of the courts for many years, in order to clear his name, but the stain of discrediting and attempted liquidation still remains.

Rok Krajnc