[EXCLUSIVE] Janez Janša’s property fully disclosed and explained. Now the reds will go completely mad. Next phase – kidnapping children?

Predsednik SDS Janez Janša (Foto: Urban Cerjak)

Discrediting by media, fabricated political proceedings, and election theft – a part of Slovenian everyday life that occurs at least every 4 years and follows the “hallowed” precept of Milan Kučan, the last secretary of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Slovenia: “First discreditation, then liquidation.” In other words, anything for power. In Slovenia there is only one name, one face, one person who has been suffering the wrath provoked by the trauma of the Slovenian transitional left, and it would appear Janša even haunts them in their dreams. But those who control the media, who dictate to prosecutors and judges, and who drain Slovenian companies and banks (Slovenian taxpayers’ money) can afford to do this. They can afford to investigate a person for property worth €400,000 even though he himself has earned more than €1 million in 35 years. Meanwhile, every few years €5 billion disappear from Slovenian banks and thousands, ten thousands, and hundreds of thousands of euros disappear from state-owned companies. Perverse, corrupted, and sick!

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, the District Court in Ljubljana announced that it had received an action for the seizure of the allegedly illegally acquired property of Janez Janša, the president of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS). In the proclamation, the court temporarily protected the right to the property whose seizure had been requested by the prosecution. They demand everything documented in Janša’s land register, even the smallest inherited agricultural parcels, but at the same time they do not request the securing of the property, which means that they are aware of the weakness of their case (of the big or small bang in the background) and that this is merely the continuation of the character assassination of Janša that has been going on for years or even decades.

The prosecution based the action on the financial investigation in which they had investigated Janša’s property as well as the property of his wife, brother, and his wife’s cousin. But that investigation had been based on the illegal report published by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC) under the leadership of Goran Klemenčič, the current Slovenian minister of justice. Klemenčič has been rewarded handsomely for his excellent work in sabotaging Janša, and the same is true of Rok Praprotnik, who was part of the senate of CPC at the time. Janša made the response to the charges of the CPC public as well, thus acting responsibly towards all voters.

According to the announcement, the prosecution would seize all real estate owned by the president of the biggest opposition party along with his car and €53,415.

Urška Bačovnik Janša, the wife of the president of SDS, responded to the publication of information about this matter in the media with the following message:

Lies exposed: Facts and figures speak for themselves
The value of my property is about a third of what I myself have earned in the last 35 years. And I am not even counting my family and my inheritance,” is the clear statement from the president of the biggest opposition party, who also provides a concrete explanation of his claims: “The average monthly salary when I was a deputy was around €2,200, and the average net salary during my four-year term as prime minister was around €3,500. The ministerial salary that I had received for about 4 years was somewhere between these numbers. Therefore, I had been earning around €2,100 a month during this time. In 35 years this amounts to €900,000 (while investigating Janković, the Office for Money Laundering Prevention uncovered an almost equivalent amount in cash deposits with an unknown origin from a two-year period). For most of the time during my regular employment of the last 35 years I have been creditworthy. Altogether I have obtained and paid off 6 credits of various amounts.”

Moreover, as an independent author Janez Janša has written and published 6 books, collectively selling more than 95,000 copies. He has also been a co-author of 8 other books and the editor of numerous collections. In the domestic and foreign press, Janša has published more than 1,500 different essays as well as professional and other articles. His home archive also contains more than 12,000 pages of published texts. In 35 years, Janša has therefore earned somewhere between €200,000 to €250,000 in royalties in the literary field.

It is interesting, though in view of the Slovenian mafia (UDBA) underground not at all surprising, that it is only the leader of the opposition Janez Janša who is under the microscope and under continuous “supervision”, being the only serious alternative to new faces and “Murgle” puppets, who unconditionally and spinelessly obey the commands of “the oppressors of the Slovenian nation”. It is worth noting that Janez Janša has always provided both the Slovenian public and the famed Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC) with information about his property and tax returns both before and during each election.

Let us recall that in 2009 all members of the deputy group of the Slovenian Democratic Party made their property public. Before the elections in 2011, Janez Janša provided additional explanations for his property to the Slovenian public, and you can exclusively read the full updated version of this document here. Have all other deputies and state officials been as consistent and conscientious in these matters? Has anyone been keeping a close eye on them and examining them?

Foto: STA

Janša’s financial situation today
“At the moment I receive a deputy salary of €2,200, and me and my wife have a joint monthly income of about €4,000. This income is encumbered by two credits for the purchase of real estate. In the next 10 years, me and my wife will have to pay off €220,000 of the loan,” Janša explains and adds: “I have donated the ownership certificate to charity. I have a share in Nova24TV worth €3,000. I do not own shares of other companies nor have I invested in any securities. I do not have any property or bank accounts abroad. I own a personal car, a Volvo station wagon built in 2007.” In addition, Janša also owns a house in Šentilj pri Velenju and is co-owner of a flat in Ljubljana. Neither of the two residences have been paid off yet. Janša is also the owner of a weekend house at Bovec and its land. He also inherited some small agricultural land from his deceased parents.

From the data we can also glean that the purchase price of the real estate property which has been paid off up to now is less than the so-called illegally acquired property that had allegedly been uncovered in the financial investigation. “Despite regular declarations of property to the National Assembly of Slovenia and later the CPC, the financial investigation proceeded from the false assumption that I had no property and no savings in 2000,” Janša stresses.

Foto: STA

The picture is clear, but everyone must think for themselves
The bottom line is that during his life and in 35 years of his career Janez Janša has earned at least €1,100,000. Not over night but with years of hard work that contributed significantly to the independence and development of Slovenia, all of which has been documented – from performing leading state functions (prime minister, minister, deputy) to literary and technical writing. This is supplemented by his inheritance, the property of his family, and outstanding loans. The value of the “unexplained” property of Janez Janša is therefore about a third of everything Janša has earned in 35 years. And all of it has been documented – where, how, and how much. Not to mention that the €1,100,000 figure does not include the property of his family and his inheritance.

Janša has repeatedly accounted for his property without any secrets and reservations while there is a ton of people in Slovenia whose property increased practically overnight by unimaginable amounts, and no one wonders about this; no one reports it much less prosecutes these people in courts. How interesting it would be to see the financial situation of all members of Forum 571 laid bare – of all officials in the current government, all deputies, mayors, councillors of state … How much have they earned in their lives and what is the value of their real estate? Since we know that this will also interest our dear readers, we will, as a start, send the aforementioned question to Milan Kučan, Miro Cerar, and Goran Klemenčič.

Jure Ferjan