[EXCLUSIVE] Ljubljana is flooded with migrant crime – big fight breaks out on Kotnikova Street and several migrants rape two underage girls

Slika je simbolična (Foto: epa)

A real drama took place in the Slovenian capital in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The Police Directorate Ljubljana has reported that at around 1 o’clock in the morning, police officers intervened on Kotnikova Street in Lubljana, where a fight had taken place on the premises of the asylum home. They found out that first two migrants had quarrelled and then physically attacked each other, and later two other migrants had become involved in the fight as well. One of them was detained by the police, and all four were issued orders for payment due to violations of the Protection of Public Order Act and the Private Security Act. Whose money will they use to pay the fine (if they pay it at all)? The “allowance” the state is giving migrants? In other words, Slovenian taxpayers will pay the fine for the rioting of migrants. Many that can barely support themselves and their families will now pay the fine of the “poor” migrants. It is also known that “Metelkova” (autonomous social and cultural centre) has problems with migrants, such as theft, threats, sexist outbursts and also fighting. Reliable sources have also informed us, even though the event was not reported to the police, that a group of migrants sexually harassed two underage Slovenian girls and that the event ended tragically, with some of them raping the girls. Janković, where are you?

Unfortunately, this was not an isolated case, but mainstream media often try their best to avoid reporting incidents caused by migrants or downplay them. However, police reports speak for themselves and show that the official number of illegal migrants in Slovenia is increasing (it must be borne in mind that the real number is actually much higher) and that there have also been more criminal acts.

Migrants shoplift on Čopova Street
Just recently, in June, police officers arrested several people for shoplifting on Čopova Street. The police have confirmed that it was migrants, citizens of Algeria and Morocco, between 25 and 30 years of age. But this was not the first incident. On another occasion this year, Algerians were shoplifting in broad daylight. The police arrested four men aged 18, 22, 30, and 31, all of them citizens of Algeria. The Police Directorate Ljubljana confirmed at the time that security services had informed them about thefts, an 18-year old Algerian having made off with clothes worth around €190 from three different stores in the centre of Ljubljana, and a 31-year old Algerian having stolen clothes worth €40. A 30-year old Algerian had stolen items worth €40 (various clothes and fashion accessories), also from a clothing store on Čopova Street. And on the same day, around 4.30pm, police were again informed about a theft in a shop on Poljanski nasip, where it had been found that a 22-year old Algerian migrant stole bottles of alcohol.

Migrants fight on Ilirska Street
Last week, police officers, armed and equipped with bulletproof vests, again had problems with migrants. Police officers have reported that the fight on Ilirska Street involved several people. “A citizen of Libya and a Palestinian citizen were hanging around on the street when a group of 4 men accosted them (also foreigners). They quarrelled, and there was a physical altercation between two of them. During this altercation, the citizen of Libya grabbed a bicycle and threw it, hitting a parked Toyota Yaris. The police arrested two persons, while the others had fled,” explained the Police Directorate Ljubljana.

Knife attacks by migrants on Trubarjeva Street: four times
We have also reported about a knife attack in the former factory Rog on Trubarjeva Street, where a migrant stabbed one of the users of Rog. Police have reported that he escaped from the scene of the crime. They searched for him in nearby pubs, stores and hairdressing salons but unsuccessfully. He managed to blend into the crowd. (Until when? The next attack?) Even the people using Rog, whose doors had been wide open to migrants before, panicked at the time. They even convened an extraordinary meeting, and the minutes show that the knife attack did not just happen once, but four times – they kept this hidden to avoid a scandal that would surely rouse the public.

Napad z nožem v Rogu.

Ljubljana Sheriff Zoran Jankovič, where are you?
There have been many other incidents involving migrants in Ljubljana. But the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, keeps inviting them among his citizens. The fact is that closing one’s eyes to the truth is damaging, and until some begin to understand this, violent people whose stay in Slovenia is funded by taxpayers, will remain virtually untouchable. Events from other European countries. such as France, Sweden and the United Kingdom, show that this is not the right path and that the consequences are extremely dire. Do we want Slovenia to go down the same road?

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