[Exclusive] Minister Šabeder went crazy and forbade UKC Maribor to communicate with the public! The press conference convened for 2 PM canceled!

Minister Aleš Šabeder (Foto: STA)

We have learned from reliable sources that the Minister of Health Aleš Šabeder forbade the UKC Maribor management from having a press conference that was convened for 2 PM. Instead, a press release will be given at the press center of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The sixth officially infected patient with Covid-19 supposedly works at the surgical ward of UKC Maribor, so the fear of possible new infections is all the greater.

»More will be known after the press conference at 2:00 PM at UKC Maribor,« the media wrote about the sixth official case of the new coronavirus infection, the first in Maribor, found in a 32-year-old man, who is employed in University Medical Centre (UKC) Maribor.

But as our correspondent Boris Cipot tells us, there will be no press conference. The reason is supposedly the Minister of Health Aleš Šabeder, who »went crazy« when hearing the news and forbade the management of UKC Maribor to convene a press conference, with the explanation that they can only communicate with the Ministry of Health in regards to the break out of the new coronavirus. On several occasions last week already, we have reported that the Government and the Ministry of Health have completely failed in communicating with and informing the public.

According to our information, some precautionary measures have already been taken at UKC Maribor, by sending all the medical trainees, interns, and students home. They also closed the dining hall, where more than a thousand employees have lunch daily.

We have also learned that the infected health care worker was a clinical pharmacologist, and is currently in isolation at the Infection Control Unit. The competent authorities are already intensively searching for everyone who may have come into contact with the infected.

Hana Murn