Fajon has surrounded herself with people involved in crimes of international proportions

Former director of SOVA, Sebastjan Selan. (Photo: STA)

After Tuesday’s home searches, new details are coming to light, and so, it is becoming increasingly clear that not only was yesterday’s investigation politically motivated, but the police are being systematically abused for political purposes. However, the transitional left, which includes Tanja Fajon, still insists that everything is fine, in regard to the police. But it has recently come out that her close colleague in the field of national security, is Sebastjan Selan. At the same time, he is also her candidate for the position of Minister of the Interior, if Fajon ever becomes Prime Minister, which is her wish that she has already presented in public. Selan is the former director of SOVA (Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency) from the time when Iranian money was being laundered. In addition to this, Selan was also involved in the construction of the affair, related to the procurement of protective equipment. He was dismissed from his position at SOVA because of an affair, related to furnishing an apartment, and after that, he even worked with the tycoon Bojan Petan.

After Tuesday’s performance for the public, i.e., the house searches and detainment of Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, some horrifying details of the events of that day have come to light. Among other things, the former director of the Agency for Commodity Reserves, Anton Zakrajšek, was asked about his meeting with Aleš Hojs, which took place before Hojs even became a Minister. This is a confirmation of not only the political motivations of Tuesday’s investigation but also of the systematic abuse of the police for political purposes of the deep state.

SD’s candidate for the Minister of the Interior is the former boss of SOVA, Sebastjan Selan
Members of the transitional left, including the MEP, who is now the new boss of the Social Democrats (SD), Tanja Fajon, have insisted that the police force in Slovenia is still independent, despite everything we witnessed yesterday, and that the National Bureau of Investigation is functioning well. But another interesting detail has been revealed; namely, Fajon’s newest advisor is the former boss of SOVA, Sebastjan Selan, who is most likely also the SD candidate for Minister of the Interior.

Selan is one of the people involved in the Iranian money laundering
Selan became the head of SOVA during the time of Borut Pahor’s government, but he was dismissed from his position because of an affair, related to the furnishing of one of the apartments, owned by SOVA. The deep state media are already persistently paving the way for him to enter the public and political life. Among others, this includes Kolektor’s factory newsletter Delo, owned by Stojan Petrič, where Selan was presented in a cover advertising article, entitled “Will the mask affair bring a new face to Slovenian politics?” Since leaving SOVA, Selan worked closely with the tycoon Bojan Petan – he is the director of some of his companies, including Marina Portorož.

But even darker clouds than the furnishing of the apartment hang over Selan’s head, he is one of the most prominent actors in the story of money laundering through the state-owned Nova ljubljanska banka. Selan was the boss of SOVA at a time when Iran was laundering a billion euros through NLB, and Janez Janša dismissed him right after the beginning of his second government’s term, after the 2012 elections. Selan became the head of SOVA in July of 2010, and the money flow from Iran lasted until December 2010. As we have already reported on Nova24TV, in December 2010, also due to the request from the Bank of Slovenia, NLB closed the accounts in question. So far, no one has been held accountable for the laundering of Iranian money, as all winds have blown in favour of the perpetrators.

Selan is also heavily involved in the constructing of the procurement of protective equipment affair
Selan’s role in constructing the affair, related to the alleged disputes in the procurement of protective equipment during the novel coronavirus epidemic, is also important. From the information we have received, it became very clear why they were staging this kind of affair. Supposedly, a connection between the star “whistleblower” Ivan Gale at the Agency for Commodity Reserves, and the former SOVA agent Sandi Bonaco (also mentioned in the affair of furnishing the apartment), has long ago been established, in which, Bonaco was considered the exclusive supplier of large quantities of protective equipment.

The companies behind all of this are said to be  M.D. Global, which did not deliver the agreed-upon quantity of protective masks before the deadline form the contract; the Krško company Oeco, which deals with strategic sales and digital marketing in the metal industry, and a few others.

Rok Krajnc