Gorenak: ‘I will never tolerate migrants getting more from the state than Slovenian citizens’

foto: Nova24TV

I am deeply convinced that the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia can and should decide the most important matters. This includes the issue of the settlement of illegal immigrants. I will never tolerate giving more to these people than to Slovenian citizens,said Vinko Gorenak, a member of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS).

On todays press conference, member of SDS Vinko Gorenak discussed the supplements which the deputy group of SDS plans to insert in the governments amendment of the Aliens Act. He also presented the views of SDS on confronting the issues which are addressed by the above-mentioned act.

In his introduction Gorenak noted that they had often called on the government to effectively confront or effectively tackle the problem of illegal immigration since the beginning of 2015. He said that back then they had imagined that the government would amend a number of laws. It had not.

One of the key laws is the Aliens Act
I must tell you openly that I assumed responsibilities in the deputy group in December precisely because the government had done nothing. We all knew the minister had prepared the act, but this act had been left to wait in Mr Cerars drawer,added the member of SDS. Therefore, Gorenak assumed the responsibility within SDS of preparing their own version of the Aliens Act, which they have done.

I. K.