Government Implements Provisions of Marrakesh Declaration! They Plan to Set Up Security Equipped Reception and Registration Centers!

Fotografija je simbolična. (Foto: STA)

The Nova24TV’s Editorial Office obtained the minutes of the meeting (attached below) of some of the leading actors in the field of migration at the Ministry of the Interior, in which they agree on setting up reception and registration centers. The fact leaps out that they are aware how dangerous illegal migrants are; on the basis of previous experience, the reception and registration centers will be equipped with “antivandal” equipment in order to prevent the vandalism we witnessed during the previous two major migration waves. The state is thus engaged in the settlement of dangerous migrants, instead of planning to protect the border and citizens, thereby fulfilling the provisions enshrined in the Marrakesh Declaration.

Apparently, all efforts are directed towards the reception and settlement of illegal migrants at the Ministry of the Interior (MNZ), instead of dealing with the protection of the border, which is at the same time the external Schengen border. The MNZ, as it would seem, expects a new wave of migrants. We obtained a record of the meeting that took place on November 13 at the premises of the MNZ at Litostrojska street. Next is a list of people that met there: Acting Director General of the Police mag. Tatjana Bobnar, Deputy Director General of the Police Jože Senica, Director of the Uniformed Police Directorate Janez Rupnik, Marjan Štubljar from the Border Control Police sector, Bojan Bučinel Head of the Logistics Department of the Ministry of the Interior, Director of the Government Office for the Care and Integration of Migrants (UOIM) Mojca Špec Potočar, Head of the Supply Department at UOIM mag. Katarina Štrukelj and senior consultant from the supply sector Andrej Oček.

Sample Reception and Registration Center in Metlika!
From the minutes of this meeting, it is evident that the MNZ intends to set up the first of the planned reception and registration centers in Metlika, which will also be a model example for all of the following. The deadline for the installation is between 1 and 15 January 2019. In order to set up reception and registration centers, they will install concrete supports on which to put sanitary containers. The construction is really hurried, since it was stated at the meeting that they should use containers in the stock of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, because in such a short time the order and purchase of new ones is not possible. This is another example that shows that illegal immigrants are more important to the leftist government than the taxpayers and citizens of Slovenia – in case of a natural or other disaster, containers will be available to migrants, not Slovenians!

Authorities Expect Violence and Vandalism –”Antivandal” Equipment in Containers!
The Ministry of the Interior intends to equip containers, set up in order to establish a reception and registration center, with “antivandal” equipment. It is now clear that the authorities are already anticipating and know that they need to protect themselves preventively. What is most worrying is that regardless of the danger of migrants, they focus their efforts on their integration and registration, rather than focusing on closing the border for illegal migrants, as some of the neighboring countries have already done.

Deputy Mahnič on the Replacement of General Staff Chief of Slovenian Armed Forces: “The Main Mistake of General Geder Was that He Wished the Slovenian Army and its Members Well, in Contrast to the Interests of the Deep State and Especially the SD Party!”

Following the replacement, on 22 February 2018, of Andrej Osterman by Alan Geder as Chief of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces, it seemed that Slovenia would stop dying by a thousand papercuts. Geder warned that without financial resources we will no longer have Slovenian Armed Forces in 2020, which did not appeal to the government of Marjan Šarec, which does not want to come to its senses and ensure the necessary means. It is no surprise that Defence Minister Karl Erjavec thus recently elevated Alenka Ermenc to the rank of Major General, replacing Geder at the top of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

According to former chairman and current member of the Defence Committee, Žan Mahnič, it was only a question of when Karl Erjavec would replace General Alan Geder as Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (SAF). The latter did not bow to the deep state and its executives from the defense field, represented today by structures from the DeSUS, LMŠ and SD Parties. Geder also did not want to satisfy their appetites for positions.

“General Geder’s main mistake was that he wished the Slovenian Army and its members well, in contrast to the interests of the deep state and especially the SD Party, which wishes its complete destruction”, Mahnič stressed. In order to stop the downward trend in the number of personnel in the SAF, Geder increased the uniformed members’ salaries by 19%, thus angering bureaucrats at the Ministry of Defence and those uniformed members who were under its auspices and did not receive any raise.

Capt. Korče Worked Intensively Against Geder
“I was informed at the time that Captain Slavko Korče, a worker in the protocol who did not get this allowance increase, was particularly intensely against General Geder. Korče became very influential overnight at the Ministry and in the SAF, since he is the father of Deputy Leader of LMŠ Deputy Group Jerca Korče. The additional anger of Minister Erjavec was provoked by General Geder because of his constant insisting that we urgently need the purchase of Boxer 8×8 vehicles for the new mechanised infantry battlegroups and that without additional funding, there will be no progress and no development of the Slovenian Armed Forces, which will only stagnate to a brisk end, expected by 2020″.

The Turn of Slovenian Armed Forces from Pro-Russian to Pro-Western and Pro-European Direction Seen as Annoying
According to Mahnič, Minister Erjavec wants someone in this position who could make a miracle and save the Slovenian Army without any extra money, since he knows there will not be any. However, there is no one like that, despite the fact that Erjavec is very much interested in Brigadier Branimir Furlan for this position. Furlan has already done enough damage to the Slovenian Army in the process of purchasing the 8×8 vehicles from Patria. Mahnič said that “the current leadership of the Slovenian Armed Forces was professional, competent and non-political. The result was also a turn from pro-Russian to pro-Western and pro-European direction of the SAF leadership, with which General Geder, over the recent weeks, angered the State Secretary of the LMŠ Dr Klemen Grošelj“. Mahnič added that the current leadership of the SAF has made some staff changes in recent weeks, especially in managing units and managing sectors, where some incompetent and politically motivated officers were replaced, which were mostly connected with the SD Party. With this, General Geder angered also the State Secretary from the SD Party mag. Miloš Bizjak.

“Similarly, the leaderships of the Ministry of Defence and of certain veteran organizations were not happy because Geder did not show any enthusiasm over the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Slovenian Territorial Defence”. General Alan Geder, according to Mahnič, therefore had to leave because he acted in favor of the Slovenian Army, which is not in the interest of those who want to destroy it.