In April, the infamous Drago Kos threatened Janša’s government with action “when the time comes,” writing an article for Mladina, titled “Police officers, criminal investigators, and intelligence officers do not forget”

Drago Kos (Foto: STA)

We reported that the criminal investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation (Nacionalni preiskovalni urad – hereinafter referred to NPU) were planning a house search at the home of Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Zdravko Počivalšek for Monday already. According to the latest information, he is suspected of misuse of public funds in the procuring of medical respirators. Andreja Potočnik is also supposedly a suspect, as she was a member of the project group, responsible for the procurement of the equipment. Supposedly, there are no other suspects.

Unofficial sources confirm that the deep state went “into action” as soon as the magazine Mladina (youth) published its own version of charges against Zdravko Počivalšek, which shows that this could have been a coordinated and organized NPU campaign, in conjunction with the mainstream media outlets and the infamous detective Drago Kos.

We recently warned Prime Minister Janez Janša himself about Kos’ threats to the government, in an interview for the magazine Demokracija (democracy).

DEMOKRACIJA: With this, I am reminded of the article titled Police officers, criminal investigators, and intelligence officers do not forget, which the infamous Drago Kos wrote for the magazine Mladina on April 24th, 2020. Allow me to read you a quote from the article, a message for your government: “But the new authorities, in a hurry to deal with the individuals in the security intelligence sector who are not “theirs,” forgot about something very important: professionals are working in these structures, who really do not care who is in power, as long as the work of the authorities Is legal, professional, and for the good of the state. Any other conduct will be easily identified and noticed by these people, including for evidentiary purposes, for possible proceedings, when the time comes.” In short, Kos is already perversely scolding the government!

JANŠA: Through his wife, Tjaša Slokar Kos, who is the editor-in-chief of the news programme on POP TV, he does this practically every day from the screens, at the aforementioned television. Drago Kos from the Vič-Holmec affair, or the fake “Peter” from SOVA (Slovene Intelligence and Security Agency), as we know him from the Depala vas affair, or the realizer of the big bang of the Patria affair, is one of those faces of the deep state who worries that they will be left without their privileges. Just remember the bills issued to NLB, where he withdrew the monthly salary of an ordinary citizen in a matter of hours. They are also afraid of being held accountable for the illegal work they have done in the past. However, it is true that with several decades of giving jobs at the criminal police and the prosecutor’s office to “first-class citizens,” there are many people, in both institutions, who do not work for the good of the Slovenian democracy, but rather, for Kos’ deep state.