Judge Vesna Žalik has trouble with mathematics – one month is not two years

Vesna Žalik (Foto: Twitter)

Judge of the Supreme Court of Slovenia Vesna Žalik appears to have serious trouble with mathematics. This is evidenced by the letter that has been sent to the Matoz law firm concerning the appeal in the Patria case. The letter was sent on 8 September 2014. In the letter, Supreme Court judge Žalik assures the other parties in the proceedings that the case will be referred to the Senate of the Supreme Court for adjudication within one month.

In response to your letter of 8 September 2014 regarding the criminal case against Ivan Janša and others due to the criminal offence under the first paragraph of Article 269 of the Criminal Code (KZ) in conjunction with Article 25, I inform you that the case will be referred to the Senate for adjudication within one month,’ judge Žalik wrote two years ago.

More than two years have passed since this letter, and the case is still at the Supreme Court. The only question we can ask ourselves is whether this is a deliberate mockery of the parties in the proceedings or just utter incompetence. The Patria case has marked the Slovenian political landscape. Just before the elections, it denied victory to Janša, who was Slovenian Prime Minster at the time and would with all likelihood have been given another mandate based on his work. And before the elections in 2014, the honest victory of the Slovenian Democratic Party was again prevented due to wrongful imprisonment.

It is highly inappropriate for the heads of the judiciary in Slovenia to mock in this way those that are involved in proceedings. Especially if it is the highest ordinary court in Slovenia. All that remains is for the Slovenian ruling party to appoint the constitutional judges and the entire top of the Slovenian jurisdiction will be coloured in red.