Judicial protection in Murgle: ‘Mr Janković, are you afraid of going to jail?’ ‘Not even remotely since I’m Janez Janša’s greatest opponent’

Foto: Youtube

“Aren’t you worried that you might one day be sentenced and sent to jail?” “Not even remotely. In all the years that I’ve been part of the executive branch, I was Janez Janša’s greatest opponent,” Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković admitted three years ago on Croatian national television, completely exposing how the Slovenian judiciary operates.

Only in Slovenia can someone have judicial protection just because they are opposing Janez Janša’s politics. Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković acknowledged this himself on Croatian national television on 29 June 2014 during the Nedeljom u dva show – after Aleksander Stanković asked him whether he is “afraid of going to jail”, he did not even bother explaining his guilt and involvement in questionable transactions as it was apparently enough that he is Janez Janša’s opponent. Given all the failed proceedings and the cases which are being pursued so slowly that dust has started gathering on the files, his statement is not far from the truth since the Slovenian judiciary does operate in this way.

Ljubljana sheriff’s sins
Fraud in obtaining a loan for Grep, suspicion of misappropriating EU funds, transferring money of the City Municipality of Ljubljana to companies owned by his sons, overpaying for work involving the gravel pit at the stadium, controversial purchase of cold store in Stožice, allegedly demanding sexual services from pharmacists, tax evasion during the sale of Mercator shares, tax evasion by the family company Electa Naložbe, transactions of Mercator in Niš, and three more unknown charges are all part of the criminal proceedings involving mayor Zoran Janković, though none of them are even close to being concluded. In the case of transactions of Mercator in Niš, he was actually acquitted at the first instance, but the prosecutor appealed, so the case will be reviewed by the second instance court.

Total judicial embarrassment
It is already well-known that the Slovenian judicial gears turn very slowly, but in the case of public figures, and mayor Janković definitely is one, they should be sped up since a quick epilogue is in the interest of both him and the public, who want to know how truthful the accusations are. The truth is that the length of the proceedings against Janković is a total judicial embarrassment, and Janković’s great trust in the judiciary is a very bad reference for the Slovenian judicial system. Let us recall that the Ljubljana mayor has repeatedly emphasised that he trusts Slovenian courts and that they have always repaid that trust.

Janković a good manager? Are you joking?
Nova24TV has already reported on Janković’s bad business practices since regime mouthpieces still portray him as a good businessman. The opposite is true. Data show that during his management, the debts of Mercator rose from €20 million to €626 million, and the debts of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, which he has been leading since 2006, have quadrupled. The tax debt of his former companies, which are now owned by his sons, does not point to a good manager either. The companies Electa and Electa Holding are on a shame list of large tax debtors, and each owe the state between €300,000 and €500,000, and the company Electa Naložbe has ended up on a list of debtors who owe the Financial Administration of Slovenia several million euro.

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