Kučan’s journalist Boris Jež offended millions of Poles with his lies

Novinar Dela Boris Jež

The ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Slovenia, Pawel Czerwinski, demands that the journalist, Boris Jež, corrects his article, which was inaccurate and does not based on the generally known historical facts. Czerwinski is honoured to represent the country, the citizens of which were the first in Europe to resist the armed attack of Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union, which Jež has completely left out while listing criminal totalitarianisms.

The article suggests that fascism was a common phenomenon in Poland in the 1930’s and also part of the state system. From the first to the last day of World War II Poland was a member of the anti-Hitler coalition and the fight for the protection of humanity and democratic values claimed 6 million victims,” the ambassador told and said that the Poles also participated in the fight against fascism in Slovenia, in the operation of the detonation of the German fuel warehouse in the Postojna Cave.

The ambassador Czerwinski worriedly notes that this was not the first time the journalist Jež gave false and offensive statements about Poland and the Poles. He has already done this a few months ago in the article Cavalry Officers at the Maginot Line, where he also hinted at the analogy between Poland and German Nazis, while the Delo newspaper refused to correct the article.

M. P.