Kučan’s network of tycoons desperately needs the billions from the second railway track, and Kučan has even predicted Cerar’s fall in the event of failure

Milan Kučan.

The second track of the railway line between Koper and Divača is of strategic importance to Slovenia, and its construction must be monitored particularly closely according to the speakers at yesterdays debate, which was organised by Forum 21. The president of Forum 21 Milan Kučan even predicted the fall of Cerars government if it does not hurry up with the construction.

In his introduction, Milan Kučan said that the idea of a second track had existed for a long time, but that there was now no dilemma over whether it will be constructed or not. As he emphasised, the prime minister Miro Cerar had recently even tied his mandate to the project, having stated that the government would either stand or fall by it. Moreover, during and interpellation, the Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure Peter Gašperšič had said that the construction of the second track would begin before the end of the year, and former president Milan Kučan reminded everyone of that. Therefore, Kučan de facto predicted the fall of Cerars government if it does not hurry up with the construction of the second track during the current mandate, reports Politikis.

According to Kučan, the public interest is great, and the project requires transparency. At the same time, it is not irrelevant that the Slovenian public has had a negative experience with the construction of TEŠ 6 (new unit at the Šoštanj power station), which was accompanied by numerous irregularities,emphasised the last president of the Central Committee of the League of Communists. Kučan also explained that the forming of a council for the civilian control of the project for a second track, whose members took part in the debate, is an expression of both public interest as well as concern.

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