Leftist Mladina Journal appears on European stage of tax haven and money laundering disclosures

Foto: STA.

On Tuesday, the European parliament intends to hold a very interesting discussion concerning Slovenia and the money laundering at the NLB bank. For the first time in this term, a session on this European stage will be dedicated exclusively to Slovenia. The country will be examined by a special committee of inquiry that investigates money laundering, tax avoidance and tax evasion (PANA). The only Slovenian that is a full member of this committee is the MEP Romana Tomc, but Slovenian deputies from the left are sure to follow the discussion very closely as well, since they must be worried that a name of some comrade of theirs might come up.

KB 1909 – continuation of UDBA economy     
The PANA committee will be joined by the Mladina journalist Borut Mekina, and this promises to be very interesting. Mekina is a paid propagandist for the left, and Mladina has of course not done much analytical thinking with regards to money laundering. Or perhaps we simply did not notice, since it has become a very marginal magazine that has reached the level of some anarchistic fanzine. But MEPs will get the chance to see and hear a man from a Slovenian magazine whose ownership was directly and indirectly involved with money from tax havens and UDBA money, as well as, in the past, money from the Slovenian state bank NLB, which was the site of a large money laundering operation. We really could not ask for a better participant.

The matter of course concerns the financial fund KB 1909, established in the area of the Slovenian minority in Italy. KB 1909 has its roots in an UDBA nest and is a continuation of UDBA’s financial tangle Safti. For the UDBA background of Slovenian economy outside its borders, one should read the correspondence of Niko Kavčič or the texts of Rado Pezdir. Conducting business through tax havens in Cyprus, Panama, Liechtenstein or the Virgin Islands was a constant of the UDBA economy outside Slovenian borders, and from these tax havens the money disappeared to who knows where. Of course, it did not return to aid the Slovenian minority in Italy but fell into the pockets of the communist and UDBA network within and outside the Slovenian border. It seems KB 1909 continues this tradition. In fact, they have refined it with their Marc Medical company by robbing the Slovenian healthcare system through overpriced stent grafts. Healthcare in Slovenia has become much more expensive due to this, and waiting times have become longer as well (too long for many patients). Someone well-versed in health economics could quickly calculate how many deaths the unscrupulous actions in Slovenian healthcare have caused. In the period of the greatest robberies in the Slovenian healthcare system, the co-owner and head of KB 1909, Boris Peric, was also chairman of the supervisory board at both Mladina and Marc Medical. In the last few years, more than €200 million in public funds intended for healthcare has ended up in this company.

Why Mekina when Repovž would be better?   
Mekina has a big responsibility. He will have the chance to explain how their editor-in-chief, Grega Repovž, helped Mladina acquire the ownership of KB 1909. Repovž bought shares from the Falcone company, established of course in Luxemburg and owned by Franci Zavrl, for €200 thousand. He had borrowed the money for the shares at KB 1909, and then he sold the shares to the same company. Repovž is of course a financial guru and does not need an education in economics but can make do with his high school diploma. From this perspective, Repovž would be even better suited as speaker in Brussels, and it is a shame that Fajon’s S&D did not invite him to the PANA session. Or perhaps they did. We do not know since there were many invitations, and according to our information, at least two people, Mojca Kleva Kekuš and Matjaž Nemec, declined to cooperate. In the end, they ended up with Mekina.

Mekina will have the chance to explain: Today, Mladina is owned by 16 shareholders. The largest shareholder is Distriest, d. o. o., which holds a 57.3% share, followed by Transmedia S.P.A. with a 13.07% share and Salomon, d. o. o., Ljubljana with a 4.53% share. The rest are smaller shareholders, e.g. Branimir Štruklj. The owner of Distriest is KB 1909. Since 2014 it has not been possible to find the ownership structure of KB 1909 on the internet, but until then NLB had been among its co-owners. In the period of the dirty dealings in healthcare involving Marc Medical, NLB seemed to have abandoned its ownership. The ownership structure of KB 1909 also included the fund Trinko and Finflor S.a. When Mekina explains the historical threads regarding the ownership of Mladina, he will of course not forget to mention the mysterious company Vega Finanz S.A., a Luxembourg mailbox where transactions were signed by Filippo Dollfus. In one of its articles, Portal Plus mentions that Dollfus is well-acquainted with tax havens, which is exactly what this committee is interested in, and in Italy he is above all known for being part of multiple investigations due to suspicions of corruption and cooperation with a criminal organisation.

Mladina – weekly upgrade of fake news          
Mekina will also get the opportunity for a solemn conclusion by announcing that their owner, KB 1909, has carried out its transitional mission, since a few days ago the shareholders of this financial holding adopted the decision to go into a voluntary liquidation. The financial corporation owes €24 million to banks, and they have around €8 million in financial liabilities. He will also be able to add that the voluntary liquidation, which will be conducted by Boris Peric himself, is only a manoeuvre for the owners to split as much of the assets as possible amongst themselves, while the creditors get as little as possible.

This will be the best approach if Mekina wants to refute assertions that Mladina is just a weekly edition of Večer, Dnevnik and Delo, i.e. a weekly recycling and upgrade of fake news.

The expectations regarding the appearance of Borut Mekina are so high that this is an event worth watching live.

Miro Petek