Let’s build a bridge across the divide caused by the revolution

President of the Republic Borut Pahor and Prime Minister Janez Janša (Photo: STA)

The revolution was so successful that it created an abyss in the body of the nation. There are few who build bridges across this canyon. It is not possible to just fill it up, because the best our nation has ever had lies in the abyss. But in Rog, we heard the speeches of our two presidents who gave us hope with their example and attitude. Thank God for them!

Friday cycling is an interesting social phenomenon. There is nothing spontaneous about it, as it has been orchestrated from the very beginning, animated by “the government in the shadows,” which lost the threads with which it had guided puppets in the past when the current government came to power. Our left-wing governments seem more like the clown dolls from Šentjakob Theatre than independent political entities. The puppets never manage to escape those who control them, but with new political faces, this can actually happen. Marjan Šarec, with his choleric personality, was no longer able to continue to humiliate himself in the same manner as his predecessor had, and, despite his ability to act, he resigned in a moment of preoccupation with instant lucidity. With this, he wrote his own political obituary, but the insight was not powerful enough for him to be able to weigh all of the consequences of his action. His legacy is the word “Šarecism,” which denotes word connections that make no sense. So the human puppets have escaped their behind-the-scenes puppet masters, and that is why they began with their plan of action, directed against the current government. It worked years ago, why would it not work now? Once bitten, twice shy, as the proverb says, but the other part also states that a man will still repeat his mistake.

The intellectuals did not succeed
The persecution reflex was triggered by the intellectuals. “Intelligence” has always been a willing tool of the revolutionaries, and above all, it was a servile tool when it came to maintaining the totalitarian rule. The intellectual, in his vanity, believes that he does not care for material goods, so you can easily “buy” him with a comfortable job. It is important that he has a regular income, that the job is secure, and that he has a good reputation. Thus, we read the letter of the “forever the same,” who had already warned against the emerging coalition and the great demon, as the leftists see him, Janša. But they did not succeed!

Reason, realism, and the democratic spirit prevailed
Reason prevailed, realism prevailed, the democratic spirit prevailed. Reason prevailed because the clouds of the coming epidemic were already visible in the sky and we were in need of an operational government (imagine the SDS victory, if we went to the polls now, when instead of winning, we would have had a massive death toll, devastated finances, scattered health care?). We needed an operational government, not pre-election campaigns, not a government that does nothing, just signs a lot of contracts for jobs and other services for their friends (of course, the media outlets do not talk about this or write about it, even though it costs us more than a one-time purchase of medical equipment).
Realism prevailed because the situation has changed so much and the experience with Šarec and the LMŠ and Levica parties was so devastating, that the new leaders of DeSUS and SMC had decided that it is no longer possible to insist on the position “everyone except Janša – SDS,” which was forced by the socio-political workers before the election. The democratic spirit, however, prevailed because the parliament is fully legitimately and legally composed, and the MPs hold the power to form and remove a government in their term. That is why it is called a “mandate” or “authorization.”

The media further intensified the pressure, but there was little success
The socio-political workers are problematizing the restrictive measures that are necessary. They have been introduced even more rigorously, and in a much stricter form, by many other countries, in order to limit the epidemic and protect the national borders. The victim of these attacks is the Slovenian Army, which is maliciously portrayed as a threat to our democracy and freedom. However, this is the Slovenian Army; this is not the occupying Yugoslav People’s Army.

After the embarrassment of the memorandum writers, the journalists had to appear next. These mighty manipulators, protected by their own right as if they are the bears of Kočevje, immediately began firing all their cannons at the ruling set. When patience and understanding needed to be strengthened, unrest and intolerance spread instead. When there was a state of emergency, they repeated that things were not being done as required by the laws, applicable under normal circumstances. By systematically spreading defeatism and panic, they tried to create conditions that would lead to chaos and a change of the government. But it turns out that the people understood what this was all about, and they followed the government instructions, which means that the government has power and that we trust it. Therefore, tactics had to be changed. They began to target individual segments of the epidemic front and fabricated affair after affair. This time, they had some success. Us humans are at least as sensitive to the corruption of the current government as we were insensitive to the corruption of the previous government. But even these constructs were not enough. Within a week, they turned out to have been blown out of proportions. Therefore, they activated the third phase. Cycling.

If they do not listen to the arguments, they will believe the lie
Cycling comes from the most fanatical and unreasonable segments of the privileged left-wing. It comes from the space of the so-called non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are paid by the taxpayers and are, therefore, anything but non-governmental. At the moment, the “AGOs” or the “anti-governmental organizations” are being paid for by the government. What an irony! They are fanatical because they know they hate Janša and the current government. The hatred is based on the years of shaming Janša, from Depala vas onwards. Although it was proven time and time again that he was not to blame for any of the accusations, the old communist rule is still: “Lie, lie, lie, there will always be something left.” And if you’ve been sullying someone’s good name for so many decades, then the people who refuse to believe in arguments and the evidence, start to believe it. This is actually the only knowledge that the cyclists currently have. They do not want the current government; they hate it.

It does not matter that the government acted “for the people” and rescued us during the quarantine. It does not matter that it has asked numerous experts to help with the work (for example – doctors, Lahovnik, Kacin, etc.), it does not matter that it consists of two center-left and two center-right parties and is, therefore, more plural than the previous governments… None of this matters. All that matters to them is that it is not theirs.

They act as if only one side can be right
In addition to this unconscious dogma that resides in their livers, otherwise, they would not be able to understand the bilious hatred that lives in them, the cyclists live in another belief, that they do not utter aloud. Another dogma of the cyclists is that only their authority is real, legitimate, democratic, ours. They do not care that all of the above is at odds with democracy, pluralism, tolerance and coexistence. They are blind to the evidence, blind to the arguments, and above all, they are blind to our socio-political system. A state with the rule of law can only be one that has the laws which allow them to do anything they want.

In this, we can see the old Communist belief: “We are the state,” “We are the government,” “We can do what we want.” This “we” is then written on posters, as if it represents “everyone,” which actually means that they are excluding their targets from the terms citizen, compatriot, human being. However, without hesitation and unconditionally, they stand up for immigrants, but are prepared to oppress their fellow citizens who think differently than they do, and they are even prepared to kill them later. As in the past, when they started killing and continued with the oppression.

Let’s build a bridge across the divide caused by the revolution
And here we are again. At the starting point. At the damned revolution, which was so successful that it created an abyss in the body of the nation. There are few who build bridges across this canyon. It is not possible to just fill it up, because the best our nation has ever had lies in the abyss. The Slovenian National Army and thousands of others were killed. But in Rog, we heard the speeches of our two presidents who gave us hope with their example and attitude. Thank God for them! And thank God for all those who died and are still in the mass graves, to where the New Slovenian Covenant invites us every year. How different it was than at the celebrations where they celebrate totalitarianism under the guise of the great deception. At this point, I finally see an exit from the circle in which the cyclists are spinning.

The constant circling around the building of the National Assembly indicates all the hopelessness of Friday’s cycling. Not only does the cycling have no reasonable foundation, it does not even make sense. We already have everything they demand, but it is not according to their wishes. And that is the main problem. Democracy, however, is exactly that – everything is not always how I want it to be, in fact, it is never exactly how I want it to be, because we all have to agree, so we have to make concessions, coordinate, talk. And the opposition, which refuses to work together with the coalition, in the temple of democracy, shows us that it is still infected with the notion of absolute power for me and nothing for you.

Evil wins when good people do nothing
Hard times are coming. Let’s not be fooled! In the coming months, the situation will become so difficult that the unions will take to the streets. This is the last step in the choreography of the masters of our puppets. But the reasons for the problems are not only ours, but the world’s, so we need rulers who will think of everything, not just themselves. But we also need the awareness that if all of us who think differently, the democrats, the people of goodwill, and the so-called silent majority will continue to stay at home and not take the time to express our opinion on the same streets, then we will be guilty of what is our eternal guilt.

So let’s get ready, let’s roll up our sleeves, get over ourselves, and do what must do. Sometimes it means going to the streets, but it always means one thing: voting. For starters, it is enough to stay true to our choice from a few years ago. However, the undecided voters also need to be won over. Those forty percent who did not go to the polls need to be convinced. If we do our duty, we have nothing to fear. We will emerge from this crisis as strong as we were at the time of gaining independence, when we fought against the occupier – the Yugoslav People’s Army, and its comrades with the red star, when we fought for democracy and freedom and won our own country.

Andrej M. Poznič, Časnik