Letters of support for Aleksandra Pivec are pouring in

Aleksandra Pivec. (Foto: STA)

In recent days, numerous letters of support for the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Aleksandra Pivec, Ph.D., came to the DeSUS party’s office.

In their letters, the Regional Unit of the Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce Ptuj, Murska Sobota and Maribor, the Slovenian Association of Pig Farmers, the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Slovenia VINIS, the Association of Family Winegrowers – Winemakers of Slovenia, the Association of Forest Owners in Slovenia, the Representatives of commercial fishermen, and many others expressed their support for the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

The Association of Small Cattle Breeders wrote in an e-mail that in recent weeks, they have been following the media persecution of the Minister of Agriculture, Aleksandra Pivec, Ph.D., with worry. “We are convinced that the purpose of this is to destabilize the party and leave the government. The Minister of Agriculture is doing an excellent job in her field. She keeps in regular contact with the farmers, which is very important for knowing the problems on the ground, as we are in an important period of preparation for the Common Agricultural Policy for the next seven years. The cultivation of the landscape and the supply of quality food for Slovenian citizens depend on this. Due to the good work of the Minister, more and more farmers also support the DeSUS party.”

Similarly, the Association of Forest Owners in Slovenia also wrote that they have been following what has been going on with worry, as the Minister and her team have been doing good work. “We are especially worried since such media attacks make the work harder for the official institutions as well, which are the only ones who have the right to judge and sentence in a democratic society,” they wrote. They also believe that replacing the Minister in this key time would be fatal for our forestry and agriculture.

The representatives of the commercial fishermen also expressed their support for the Minister in a letter, writing that as soon as her term began, the Minister visited the fishermen and listened to them talk about the problems they are facing. They also believe that she will continue to listen to the fishermen and help solve their problems in the future as well.

Similarly, the Association of Winegrowers – Winemakers of Slovenia also wrote that the Minister’s presence in the field and her willingness to listen to their problems and respond quickly were appreciated. “We are happy to have a Minister who is present, available, willing to listen, and do everything she can for the good of the Slovenian farmer. We enjoy having her with us when we are facing problems, as well as when we are presenting our achievements. She enjoys coming, and her presence helps us solve the problems, and also promotes the Slovenian farming and our agricultural produce.” In addition, they wrote that they expect the members of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to promote our country’s businesses and farmers, and Mrs. Pivec takes this very seriously and actively promotes our beautiful Slovenia.

Barbara Majdič