Look at this fascist outburst by Miha Kordiš, which would get even Hitler’s approval

Miha Kordiš (foto: STA)

‘I will not have such a rude hoodlum who is mooching off us, off Slovenian families, workers, and pensioners, and has nothing to show for his work call me a degenerate! the representative of the Movement for Children and Families Metka Zevnik said with regards to the extremely offensive words of the radical United Left Member of the National Assembly Miha Kordiš, who had called the members of the democratic movement degenerates, obscurantists, false prophets, and extensions of the church.

Yesterday, the parliament held the 26th regular session of the National Assembly of Slovenia. At 9 o’clock, the National Assembly considered the amendment to the Marriage Act which had been put forward by the Movement for Children and Families. The session was attended by three representatives of the movement: Metka Zevnik, Aleš Primc, and Franci Donko.

Miha Kordiš called the representatives of the Movement for Children and Families degenerates
This is how he insulted the guests that were present: ‘False prophets and extensions of the church are attacking the equality of all families, the right to an abortion, and the emancipation of women. But these obscurantists are thriving only because capitalism has dismantled the ties between us, pushed us into isolation, hurled us away from each other. That is why liberals turning up our noses, our outrage and preaching, will not stop them. The only thing that can stop them is our solidarity. We must not negotiate with Primc and co., we must not make even the slightest concessions. The movement for the abuse of children is not a benevolent organisation that would strive to benefit children. Their proposers and supporters openly strive to restrict the right to freely choose one’s lifestyle. With campaigns such as this, they are endeavouring to bring their conservative agenda into the parliament at the next election.’

Milan Brglez tolerated hate speech in the house of democracy
President of the National Assembly Milan Brglez failed to respond to the insults that the representative of the United Left Miha Kordiš had hurled at the Movement for Children and Families, even though he had an obligation to do so. The SDS and NSi Members of the National Assembly had to remind him of his duty as President of the National Assembly to prevent hate speech. The Members Jožef Horvat, Ljudmila Novak, and Vinko Gorenak protested. Brglez equivocated and stumbled, claiming that Kordiš was hostile but did not talk in a hostile way!?

When the Member Kordiš was granted the chance to reply, he did not apologise but preferred to first grievously insult the representatives of the Movement for Children and Families, calling them degenerates of capitalism. In the face of such abuse from the parliament, the representatives of the Movement for Children and Families were visibly shocked and offended, leaving the session of the National Assembly in protest.

The culture of death over the culture of life
Today’s insults and hostile outbursts against the Movement for Children and Families in the parliament are more evidence for the spiritual struggle that is waged in the background between the advocates of life and the so-called culture of death. At the moment, Slovenian citizens are governed by people who approach democracy as an imposition of their will, who do not respect children, families, and grandparents, and who blindly follow an ideology that threatens the existence of Slovenia. Therefore, it is imperative that at the next election as many advocates of life as possible get into the parliament and that they stop the insanity which the far left keeps imposing.

F. D.