Marjan Šarec engaged in non-transparent transactions in €40 million sewage plant renovation project

Marjan Šarec (Foto: STA)

Robert Kokotec, president of the supervisory board of the municipality of Kamnik, has revealed that the Kamnik mayor, Marjan Šarec, managed the €40 million project of upgrading the sewage plant and sewerage network for six municipalities non-transparently and in suspicious circumstances. CSE Invest was hired to supervise the project and was paid in two instalments with amounts under €20,000 (€39,330 in total) to avoid a public call for tenders in which anybody could participate and which would make the final price more competitive. All payments for the second contract were made before any reports were received. The matter will allegedly be investigated by the court of audit of Slovenia and the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

“We are critical of the municipal administration for not arranging a joint procurement that would be open to all qualified entities. Instead, they divided it into two parts. The court of audit should comment on this matter,” Robert Kokotec, the president of the supervisory board of the municipality of Kamnik, said for POP TV with regards to Šarec’s non-transparent actions.

Šarec did not accept objective responsibility
There is more. The president of the supervisory board is also critical of Šarec because the reports from the first contract do not even show a date of receipt, while one report is missing. In the case of the second contract, all six reports have the same date of receipt, which means that the payments had been made before the reports were received. That irregularities did occurr has been acknowledged by Šarc himself, who has put all blame on the then director of municipal administration, who managed the aforementioned project and whom he later also dismissed. He also denies that there ever were two different contracts which should have been registered under a joint procurement

The Kamnik mayor and president of a party that will be competing for victory at the upcoming Slovenian parliamentary election thus avoided accepting objective responsibility, despite the fact that it is the mayor’s duty to ensure the lawfulness of the municipal administration, especially in projects such as the €40 million upgrade of the sewage plant and sewerage network. He prefers to point the finger at the then director of the municipal administration of Kamnik as well as the president of the supervisory board of the municipality, who exposed the aforementioned irregularities during Marjan Šarec’s time as mayor.

During these events, Marjan Šarec revealed his true colours. We invited him to our studio so that he could explain why the municipality had not respected the law and that his excuses would come face to face with the director of the municipal administration, Ivan Kenda. The typical political pretender that he is, he got scared of the confrontation.

We also sent questions regarding corruption in the project and the use of public funds to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC) and the court of audits. CPC have responded that the case is in the phase of a preliminary examination, and therefore, they could not present us with details for reasons of objectivity. The court of audits did not decide to investigate the case, but they did send their general opinions to the supervisory board of the municipality of Kamnik.