Memory of a goldfish at POP TV and RTV Slovenija, or how Gregor Golobič spoke on viewing of the records because of Lobnikar

Radio-Television Slovenia and our biggest commercial television POP TV/Kanal A invited Branko Lobnikar, professor at Maribor’s Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, to their news programmes as an independent expert. But Lobnikar is actually a political calibre of Gregor Golobič, as he was the vice-president of the political party Zares and former MP candidate and mayoral candidate of the same party. So much for his professional objectivity.

When LMŠ’s MP Jerca Korče vouched for Branko Lobnikar on the 24ur zvečer show and said: »KNOVS was definitely trying to overstep the limits of their authority, as the experts agree. I hope we can still trust in and believe those experts that are neither left- nor right-wing…« we couldn’t really blame her. After the transcript of what happened behind closed doors, which we exclusively published on this link, was revealed, which proved that there were no threats made at KNOVS, we could see that Korče simply doesn’t understand things or is intentionally lying, so her credibility is worthless.

In regards to Branko Lobnikar, who was the vice-president of Zares party when its president was Gregor Golobič, anyone whose memory goes beyond the length of that of a goldfish, or whose truthfulness and worldliness exceeds that of Jerca Korče, could hardly say that he is an »expert,« especially one that is »neither left- nor right-wing.« But the fact that news anchor Petra Kerčmar does not seem to remember this, or that in today’s times, when Google offers the most basic information on anybody, people that sent the press to ask Lobnikar to comment did not seem to realise this, just goes to show how low the credibility of 24ur media actually is. We can see who the creators of the show were, and we are publishing the printscreen below.

(Foto: Posnetek zaslona / 24ur POP TV)

But there is more! Before the 2008 elections, president of the party that Lobnikar was a member of – Golobič, pointed his finger at Dragutin Mate, who was the Minister for the Interior at the time. Quoting an article from Dnevnik, titled Really (Zares): Minister Mate viewing the personal folders of his critics: »As Golobič has previously stated, it has proven to be true at least twice in recent times, that Mate ‘is willing to resort to the means which he, especially as the Minister for the Interior, should completely refrain from’.«

Branko Lobnikar in Gregor Golobič, prijatelja v stranki Zares. (Foto: STA)

Lobnikar’s view was pretty different back then – quoting the article from Dnevnik, that can be accessed at this link: »According to the party’s vice president, his police work was not lengthy, but it was »intense and beyond the competence of a Minister for the Interior.« As stated by Lobnikar, the Minister requested the information, which is otherwise collected for the personnel activities of the Police, with the intent to be used in order to discredit political opponents. According to him, such behaviour is unacceptable, even illegal.«

But politician Lobnikar, whose opinion has apparently changed, was – as an expert – not only invited to the commercial television, but also to the RTV Slovenia, funded by both the state budget and the mandatory citizen contributions. You can see who prepared yesterday’s Dnevnik on the printscreen below.

(Foto: RTV Slovenija)

Andrej Žitnik