Millionaire Zoran Predin and state funds

Foto: STA

Slovenian musician Zoran Predin, recently better known as a political supporter of the degenerate Left and passionate basketball fan who is even willing to use his fists for his team and physically attack the referee, has sent a request to Nova24TV for a correction of an article in which we wrote that entertainers, in bed with the Left, are earning handsomely with salaries from the Slovenian treasury. Musician Zoran Predin has directly and indirectly received €184,774.26 from the state through his Artibiro, d. o. o. company, which is owned by him and his wife Barbara Lapajne Predin. And the total revenue between 2008 and 2016 amounted to more than €1 million. Before founding the company, Zoran Predin, as composer and singer, directly and indirectly generated a turnover of €51.693,65 in transactions with the state as an independent culture professional.

“I request that you publish the Correction in full: I have never received a salary from the Slovenian treasury. Zoran Predin.” This was Zoran Predin’s request after we had published an article claiming that the “pilgrimage to the town hall” had paid off for supporters of Zoran Janković and the degenerate Slovenian Left. Of course we did not grant the request since publicly available information is only a few clicks away. According to data from Erar, Artbiro, d.o.o. indirectly generated a turnover of €184,774 in transactions with the state between February 2008 and June 2017.

The clients were predominantly cultural institutions, Cankarjev dom being the most prominent since it paid Artbiro more than €35,000, while the most prominent state institutions were the Government Communication Office of Slovenia, paying €7,800, and the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, paying €2,800. The two transactions were carried out in 2009, during Pahor’s government when the hard left was in power. Of course, the amounts generated in transactions with the state are pocket change. If we take a look at his whole enterprise, we can see that Zoran Predin is truly wealthy.

The first four years of his enterprise were the most profitable.

Examining the books of Artbiro, we can see that the Predin family is doing okay. From 2008, when the company was established, and until 2016, Predin and his wife generated a turnover of €1,139,919, paying only €977 in income tax in 2008 and €940 in 2016, meaning that in the other years they did not show a profit.

Pilgrimage to town hall and brawling in Stožice
But let us recall that Zoran Predin was one of the more prominent “pilgrims to the town hall” in 2011, when they allegedly came to beg Janković, who had already been chosen by the puppet masters in the background, to stand as a candidate at the elections to the National Assembly of Slovenia. As Predin said back then, what mattered most to him was Janez Janša’s defeat. “The first support came when it was necessary to prevent Janez Janša from winning a majority. At the time I was a Zoran Janković’s supporter for this reason alone,” the frontman of Lačni Franz recently said for MMC. In his free time, he likes to punch basketball referees in Janković’s Stožice, which is why ULEB ordered the Union Olimpija basketball club to pay a fine of €25,000.

Appropriate behaviour for a musician and public figure? (Photograph: STA)

Security guards removing an enraged Zoran Predin at a basketball match in the Stožice sports hall. (Photograph: STA)

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