Minister Počivalšek’s success in Dubai: Slovenia will be represented at the Expo 2020

Minister Zdravko Počivalšek and Abdull Bin Touq Al Marri.

Minister Zdravko Počivalšek met with the Cabinet Member and Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri. The UAE represents a market of opportunities, where measures are being implemented, in order to achieve diversification and deconcentration of exports, which is why Slovenia is striving to strengthen relations and increase activities between the two countries.

Minister Zdravko Počivalšek initially introduced the range of trade and goods services between the two countries, which has increased by 4.7 percent and now amounts to 118.9 million euros. In the first ten months of last year, we recorded a 5.6 percent growth in the trade of goods, in the total amount of 70.7 million euros, of which the exports accounted for 68.6 million euros.

“We are aware that the representation of the country and the awareness of its values is key to establishing better bilateral connections, relations and ways of cooperation. To this end, we are also participating in the Expo 2020, which has already attracted the attention of the world public with its reputation of a record event. It is extremely important for Slovenia to be a part of a family of countries that understand the importance and purpose of this pompous event,” Minister Počivalšek said.

The epidemic is an opportunity for economic relations
Strengthening of the interstate economic cooperation is also important from the point of view of recovery after the COVID-19 epidemic, for which Slovenia has already prepared a very extensive programme of aid and investments in the economy, which also requires the opening of new doors and business opportunities for our companies abroad. “We see the COVID-19 epidemic as an opportunity to strengthen the relations between the two countries, especially in the field of green economy and digitalisation, which also determine the guidelines for Slovenia’s development in the future,” the Minister added. Minister Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri emphasised that he sees several opportunities for cooperation with Slovenia, especially in the field of high technologies, investment, and fast-food technologies. He pointed out that they have also passed legislation, which allows foreign companies to own 100 percent of the companies which are based in the United Arab Emirates, and therefore, they have made a big step forward, as this has not been possible before. The two ministers agreed that Spirit Slovenia, together with our embassy, would prepare and submit a list of information on various investment opportunities in Slovenia. At the end of their meeting, the UAE Minister emphasised that they are very optimistic in regards to the participation in the Expo 2020, as around 20 thousand people get vaccinated every day, so they believe that the Expo will be safe and successful.

Minister Počivalšek also Tweeted about the meeting, writing the following: “I am very pleased that our plans from 2016 are being implemented. We will crown our export efforts at the world’s largest event to date, the Dubai Expo 2020, which is the entry point for new collaborations. Our green oasis is sure to attract lots of views and attention.”

Sara Kovač