Mladina proved that the deep state still works: if the journalists are at the house before the search even begins, this is a problem of information leakage!

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“A house search, about which the public gets informed before it even happens, is a farce! Just like the investigations, which are carried out a few years after the act has already been committed, those are also a farce. Of course, it is a problem if the journalists are at the location before the house search even begins. This is a problem of information leakage,” the professor of criminology at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security and the president of the Dobra Država (good state) party, Bojan Dobovšek, Ph.D., commented on the matter.

On June 24th, the weekly Mladina (youth), filed a criminal complaint against the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Zdravko Počivalšek. The next day was Statehood Day, June 26th was a workday, followed by the weekend, and June 29th was another workday. As the house searches took place only two days after the complaint was filed, we asked Bojan Dobovšek to comment on the matter. “The rule of law works when all people are treated equally, regardless of status,” he pointed out.

The rule of law will work when everyone is treated equally
According to Dobovšek, it is a fact that house searches are one of the investigative acts and an encroachment on human rights, so the criminal investigators must convince the investigating judge and substantiate the reasons for such an investigation. Regarding the events, Dobovšek pointed out that everything depends on the investigators and the prosecutors’ activities. “The key to the investigation lies with the prosecutors and the professionalism of the work of these institutions, and this is where the rule of law comes into play.”

In the cases of the Commission of Inquiry that was led by Jelka Godec, which investigated the purchasing of medical equipment, and the case of the Commission of Inquiry that was led by Anže Logar, which investigated the laundering of Iranian money, nothing happened after several years, as if it was necessary to prepare for a house search. However, in this case, it seems that everything was well organized and fast. “In the Dobra država party, we always defend the professional work of the competent institutions, the prosecutor’s office, the police and, of course, the courts, which have control over all of this. The rule of law will work once the same rulesl start to apply to everyone,” Dobovšek pointed out.  

Given that it is known that the journalists were at the scene of the investigation before the actual investigators managed to get there, Dobovšek pointed out that this creates an impression that we do not actually have real investigative journalism, but rather, only the publishing of the news. “The journalists never explain where and how they got the information. This is the foundation of journalistic work.” Despite the fact it often happens that the journalists refer to sources which they do not publicly reveal, Dobovšek emphasized that true professional journalism is based on the journalists explaining how the information was obtained, verifying the information, and also giving the other side of the story the option to comment.

Grims: Mladina proved that the deep state still works
“Unfortunately, the way this story came to be, is more than obviously politically motivated,” the former president of The Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services, Branko Grims, MSc, commented for Nova24TV.  “There are two aspects to this story. One is that when there is reasonable suspicion that something is wrong, it is correct to investigate it. The second is that the thing which must be investigated needs to be investigated in a way that ensures consistent legality. So that the laws and the procedure are respected, in no way should it be possible for one television station, more specifically, POP TV, to know more about the investigations than the person being investigated. This shows that it is actually a matter of political persecution, which is completely unacceptable in a democratic country.”

Grims believes that Mladina only proved one thing, namely, that the deep state still works. Given that the second wave of the epidemic is approaching, and the deep state is still trying to overthrow the government, Grims stressed that in light of this, awareness of the fact that the leftists only understand the language of power is needed. “They are only interested in power and money. They do not care the least about the country, the nation, the well-being, and the security of the people. They proved this when they opened the borders when similar misuses of power happened in the past. I would like to remind you that practically every election in Slovenia so far happened while some investigation was going on. One time it was Patria, another time, God knows what, but time and time again, the institutions of the system were being abused to discredit those individuals who stood in the way of the deep state. Following the instruction, which is ominous, and it was very clearly given: first, discrediting, then liquidation. If necessary, physical as well.”

Hana Murn