New criminal charges filed against Ljubljana mayor Janković for accepting bribes – will these proceedings also fail miserably like all the others?

Foto: STA

Last year, in the middle of December, the special prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković for allegedly accepting bribes from the Gratel company. The indictment is not final, because Janković filed an objection against it at the end of December, and the objection has not been dealt with yet.

The complaints concern March 2007, when Janković demanded €500,000 from Gratel for a permission to dig in public spaces while constructing a cable network. Later, Gratel allegedly donated this money to the Ljubljana Castle for its restoration.

All indictments against Janković failed miserably
The prosecution filed criminal charges against “one natural person for the criminal offence of accepting bribes”, reports STA. According to the Delo newspaper, Janković already denied the accusations when his home was searched in February 2014, and at the hearing before the examining judge, he supposedly denied having asked for a donation – according to him, it was about repairing the damage suffered by the municipality due to actions by Gratel.

At least three more judicial investigations against Janković are ongoing, and the special prosecutor’s office and National Bureau of Investigation are also dealing with several criminal charges in pre-trial proceedings.

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