New victory for Janša: Another bizarre attempt by Klemenčič to harass the leader of the opposition has failed

The court has granted the appeal by Janez Janša concerning judicial protection in the case of the decision on violation by the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (CPC) of 13 November 2013. The proceedings concerning the violation reported by the CPC shall be halted. Janez Janša has also responded to the decision of the court, writing on Twitter: “Finally, after 4 years, the 167th bizarre attempt at harassment has failed before the court.”

It should be recalled that Goran Klemenčič was proud as a peacock when his CPC supposedly exposed the champion of the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) Janez Janša and discovered corruption risks, and his statements were just as overbearing. The report by the CPC, which was prepared when Klemenčič was its president, states that “in the case of Ivan Janez Janša the commission has identified considerable assets of an unknown and unexplained origin as well as an opaque co-financing in the purchase of real estate (apartment in Ljubljana) in circumstances that were burdened by corruption risks, a suspected abuse of office, and the risk of a conflict of interest in a broader sense”.

He was proud of the report
After the publication of the report, Klemenčič stated for TV Dnevnik: “We’re aware that this might cause a political crisis, but the blame doesn’t lie with us; it lies with those who have systematically violated the law.” At the same time he added that as president of the CPC he was proud of the report and the work performed by his co-workers but that as a Slovenian citizen he was “sad in light of these findings”. He obviously exploited the emotions of Slovenian citizens, and at the same time he was the one who helped bring down Janša’s government. After the publication of the CPC report, Janša commented as well, writing on Twitter that all his wealth is fully consistent with his income in 30 years of work.

The web portal rtvslo.si reported at the time that the CPC supposedly discovered multiple violations by Janez Janša of the legal obligation to report his economic situation with regards to the possession of cash, real estate ownership, movable property ownership, as well as the assumption of securities and guarantees. Allegedly, his wealth increased disproportionately and inexplicably by €210,000 over the monitored period. Among other things, the report also states the following: “The persons under obligation did not report the cash to the commission, neither did they credibly dispel doubts regarding the legality and transparency of the acquisition of these assets at the request of the commission.”

The Supreme Court of Slovenia then annulled the CPC report on Janša’s economic situation, which had caused the fall of Janša’s government at the beginning of 2015. Among other things, the Supreme Court found that the CPC, by publishing the above-mentioned report, infringed on Janša’s constitutional rights, and Klemenčič’s grand words that the blame for the potential political crisis does not lie with him “but with those who have systematically violated the law” turned out to be little more than hot air since the court annulled his celebrated report. However, not even such a serious blunder seems to be enough for Klemenčič to lose his ministerial position.