On Labour Day: The results of Anja Kopač Mrak and 10 points that confirm her mastery of pretence and deception

Anja Kopač (foto: STA)

Minister of labour Anja Kopač Mrak, who will be remembered for the wart in the middle of her forehead, a pile of misguided proposals, anomalies, and particularly the abduction of the two boys from Velenje, said in an official letter on Labour Day that investing in human capital will be crucial for achieving good business results in companies and the success of the country as a whole. Well, let us examine how much she has contributed to the “success of the country as a whole”.

Firstly: Minister Kopač Mrak boasted about the success in the area of the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI). “The situation is much better than in 2013, when we fought to bring €9 million for the YEI to Slovenia since youth unemployment was well above 20 percent and above the EU average. Today the situation is much better, also because of the guarantee schemes for young people, which has been recognised by the EC as well,” wrote the minister. However, the facts are very different. The unemployment among young people had not been above the EU average. Moreover, the minister’s “fight for funds” had ended miserably since Slovenia is among the countries that received the least amount of funds for implementing YEI.

During a recent presentation of the effects of YEI in the European Parliament, the Slovenian programme “Prvi izziv” (First Challenge) was presented as an example of bad practice. According to ECORYS and the European Commission, €9.2 million had been dedicated to the programme and 1,897 people participated, but only 28 successfully completed the programme, and only four of them ended up getting a job; €9.2 million had been used to employ only four people.

Secondly: Anja Kopač Mrak uses her projects to take money from the pockets of the poor and distribute it to political friends, which became evident when the minister hired various “experts” for work that should have been performed by her departments, paying them handsomely with money that belonged to Slovenian citizens.

Thirdly: The minister has also attempted to carry out a mini labour reform which – what a surprise – does not bring the necessary changes in the direction of greater flexibility in the labour market, which has also been ascertained at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, only creating even stricter conditions when employing and dismissing workers.

Anja Kopač Mrak (foto: STA)

The Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia has presented a white paper on pensions. The ministry, under the leadership of Anja Kopač Mrak, has envisaged the age of 67 years with a concluded insurance period of 15 years as the basic condition for retirement. The right to early retirement pensions would be removed.

Fourthly: Anja Kopač Mrak’s new family code is a bad act, which has been adopted under the guise of “protecting the interests of children”. Cerar’s government of course ensured that it was pushed through quickly. The media of the regime limited their reporting while the coalition deputies limited the discussion of the civil society at the responsible committee. They omitted the first reading of the act, and the second and third reading were simply performed together so that they adopted the act quickly and conclusively. At the same time it should not be forgotten that they had lost both Family Code referendums in the past five years. Slovenians had confirmed that they want a traditional family and traditional values, but this year the left shamelessly adopted a new family code by voting others down without discussing it seriously with the public, the opposition, and the field. In this way Mrak has shown and proven how much the opinion of Slovenians really matters to her.

Fifthly: She also undertook a reorganisation of social work centres, proposing 15 new regional centres, which would just mean even more bureaucracy, some areas of work would centralise further, and the introduction of informative calculations would “clog” social workers even more, believes Franc Donko. The minister’s proposal for the reorganisation of social work centres therefore causes new problems for social workers and creates additional obstacles for people trying to access support.ž

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Sixthly: The abducted Velenje boys who are still not with their grandparents. The high-profile judgement in the case of the Velenje boys had been received by the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia in Maribor, which decided that taking away the two boys had violated the constitutional and human rights of their grandmother to family life.

Seventhly: Minister Anja Kopač Mrak defends the attempt of social euthanasia on older and defenceless people. At the end of January of this year, she explained the relaxing of the state credit for security benefits and social aid which she and minister Ivan Svetlik had implemented together with the new social legislation in 2012.

Eighthly: People at the Ministry of Labour have boasted that the minister signed contracts with selected project contractors for multi-generational centres, but they have failed to mention that this is another project with no added value which will only be intended for the party of the Social Democrats and the employment of its members. Therefore, the project is already doomed to failure, and the almost˘€9 million in funds will again be covered by Slovenian taxpayers.

Ninthly: In November of last year, deputies adopted a new act on spoiled children and helpless parents, which had been initiated by Anja Kopač Mrak herself. The act literally states that any educational actions such as scolding because of ripped trousers or a single spank because of the theft of a neighbour’s bicycle will be regarded as violence and immediately sanctioned.

Tenthly: Finally, the unsuccessfulness of her work is also borne out by two interpellations – the last one in December 2016 was filed by the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) after the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia had decided in the case of the Velenje boys that removing the children from their kindergarten had been illegal and that the constitutional rights of their grandmother, at whose home the two children had lived before being taken away, had been violated. The first time she was interpellated by the SDS deputy group was in April 2016 since back then the deputies of the biggest opposition party had already been pointing out that the process of considering the application for guardianship itself – also in the case of the Velenje boys – had been concluded completely inappropriately and illegally.