Opinion poll: voters appreciate concrete solutions more than new faces – SDS back in first place, support for government drops drastically

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The newest opinion polling carried out for Nova24TV by Parsifal shows that a large majority of Slovenian voters (72.8%) lean towards parties with concrete programmes and no longer just recognisable faces. The support for the Slovenian government has dropped by 10.7 percent compared to February, and at the moment only 24.6 percent of voters support it. Most of the committed voters support SDS (Slovenian Democratic Party), followed by the List of Marjan Šarec and SD (Social Democrats). SMC (Modern Centre Party) and DeSUS (Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia) along with the Left and NSi (New Slovenia) would also cross the threshold for entering the parliament. The survey also draws attention to the United Right, which is only 0.8 percent short of the parliamentary threshold. It seems voters are more interested in concrete solutions than empty promises, nice words and sweet smiles.

 The survey, which was carried out for Nova24TV by the above mentioned agency, shows that 67.3 percent of voters do not support the current government of Miro Cerar. Cerar’s government has made several mistakes that voters are not prepared to easily forgive and even less forget. Only 24.6 percent of voters support the work of the current government, while 8.1 percent of voters do not know how they would rate it. Compared to the last measurement in February 2018, support for the government has dropped by 10.7 percent.

If we consider the public support for the government in the last months, we can see that it has been relatively low for the past year and that it continues to fall. The government has not seen a majority of voters being satisfied with its work for more than a year. Compared to the last measurement in February 2018, the support for the government has dropped greatly (from 35.3% to 24.6% in March 2018). This is one of the lowest levels of support in the past 12 months.

Fluctuations in support for government over time
The dissatisfaction with the work of the government can also be seen in the results concerning the support for the political parties. When asked “Which party would you vote into the Slovenian national assembly if the election were held this Sunday?”, most committed voters, 22.5 percent, answered SDS, The List of Marjan Šarec follows with 21.7 percent, while SD is in third place with 13.8 percent of the support. The winner of the last election, SMC, is next with only 8.8 percent, and DeSUS is behind it with 8.2 percent. This is followed by the Left with 7.6 percent and NSi with 7.5 percent of support. Other parties received less than four percent of the votes, which is the amount needed to enter the Slovenian parliament. The United Right is closest to the parliamentary threshold with a support of 3.2 percent.

Only committed voters
The rise of SDS to the top of the most popular parties also matches the results of the survey, which has shown that three quarters of voters are more interested in a programme with concrete solutions than new faces on the political scene. At the next election, voters are prepared to punish the parties which have promised a lot in the past and relied more on empty slogans than on content. It seems that at last Slovenia has also reached a point where people are focusing on concrete solutions to problems which are stifling Slovenia and its citizens, not just the idolatry of overblown candidates whose expiration date is less than the length of their terms.

The telephone survey was carried out for Nova24TV by the Parsifal agency between 5 and 8 March 2018. The survey involved 715 respondents, 50 percent of them women. The average age was 49.9 years, and most respondents had a secondary education (35.6 percent). They were followed by people with a vocational education (24.2 percent), while 23.4 percent of respondents had a higher education and 16.8 percent a primary education or less.


Ivan Šokić

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