Police, beware! Anarcho-socialist extremists announced real chaos for Friday’s protests!

Foto: Nova24TV

The organizers or the initiators of the protests on Friday, May 15th, have not only predicted an increase in the number of protests, but also the increase in violence and aggression at the events. The anarcho-socialists have thus announced real chaos in front of the National Assembly, where they said they intend to tear down the protective fence, and they have also already started to spread untrue information with which they wanted to encourage protesters to come to the protests armed.

The far-left groups which are also supported by some of the political parties, had announced protests for Friday, May 15th. They wanted to attract even more participants to Friday’s protests and thus further endanger public health and increase the risk of a second wave of the new coronavirus epidemic. The efforts of the organizers or initiators of the protests are not only moving in the direction of greater numbers this time but as it seems, they also intend to escalate the violence.

The anarcho-socialists predicted real chaos for Friday
A reliable source has told our editorial board that the idea of creating real chaos at Friday’s protests grew in the leftist underground. The anarcho-socialist [A] Infoshop, which otherwise mainly deals with the destructing of public and private property, has already called for the tearing down of the movable protective fences, set up in front of the National Assembly. Thus, the scenario we had witnessed during the student protests years ago, when the troublemakers threw granite cubes at the building of the National Assembly, can repeat itself.

The extremists are spreading false information with which they want to encourage the protesters to come to the protests armed And there is more, this time, the anarcho-socialist extremists are afraid that one of the political parties might try to “steal the attention” away from them at the protests, which they intend to prevent. As a result, they are already spreading untrue information about how the police supposedly intend to divide the protesters and physically deal with some of them. As a result, it is expected that some protesters will be armed.

Anarcho-socialists who live at the expense of social transfers have labelled the state a murderer
The social media profile of the [A] Infoshop has, as we have already reported on Nova24TV, in a recent post in which they also referred to Radio Študent, called for the preservation of Tovarna Rog (Rog factory), a drug-filled septic tank in the middle of Ljubljana, in addition to denying the danger of the virus.

In the anarchist spirit, they labelled the state a murderer, which most likely refers to the Government of Janez Janša, who is otherwise in favour of a lean state.

They were not bothered by the all-encompassing state under the leadership of the leftists, and they are bothered even less by the transfers they receive from the state at the expense of taxpayers. Contradictions everywhere!

Rok Krajnc