Public outraged: Janković exploits women, Kučan insults them, feminists, Vlasta Nussdorfer, and Anja Kopač Mrak remain silent

Ali zaradi svojega političnega angažmaja Zoran Jankovića proti Janezu Janši je večno pravniško in kazenko zaščiten v krogih Milana Kučana ( Foto: STA)

Ali zaradi svojega političnega angažmaja Zoran Jankovića proti Janezu Janši je večno pravniško in kazenko zaščiten v krogih Milana Kučana ( Foto: STA)

While Slovenian feminists protest after every act that they perceive to be a violation of women’s rights, no matter how insignificant, they are as silent as the grave when it comes to Janković’s harassment of a female pharmacist. Feminists, where did you run off to? And why does Slovenian human rights ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer remain silent? Apparently it is okay to be a chauvinist in Slovenia as long as you are a leftist.

The two-faced nature of Slovenian feminists is becoming increasingly clear from day to day. While they have condemned the reporting of Nova24TV, claiming that we insulted Violeta Tomić with a headline saying that she was “airing it out” on a ferry to Vis, which is a perfectly innocuous phrase, they have “forgotten” to complain about the perverse actions of Ljubljana mayor Zoran Janković, who demanded sex from a pharmacists in exchange for a job – and the criminal charges from the Slovenian National Bureau of Investigation reveal that the aforementioned pharmacists, who only wanted a “beautiful, warm home” for her children and would have done anything to get it, twice succumbed to Janković’s demands. However, we are waiting in vain for a reaction from the self-proclaimed feminists and various humanitarian organisations, which are apparently under the protection of the Ljubljana mayor and the elite surrounding him. Of course, we have to ask why various feminist movements even exist if they only publicly complain when those financing them permit it, but when there is a serious violation of an abused woman’s rights they remain silent. Anja Kopač Mrak, minister for labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities, has also failed to respond. Her Twitter profile is active in the summer, but tweets asking her for a response concerning Janković’s abuse have left her cold. Other Twitter users have not been so indifferent; they are convinced that the Ljubljana mayor is being protected as he is a “newcomer, from a different culture and with different customs … It does not even occur to him that he has done anything wrong … His being against Janez Janša protects him.”

They also remain silent regarding Milan Kučan’s sexist insult
Feminists also failed to come to the defence of Vera Lađić, the journalist of a commercial broadcaster, who in 2014 approached Milan Kučan in front of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia and asked him to comment on current political developments. Kučan arrogantly responded: “You still aren’t married?”, and when she answered that she was not, he said patronisingly: “You should worry about that.” With such a sexist statement, all feminists in Slovenia should have kicked up a fuss, but they doggedly remained silent, and not even her colleagues at other regime media have bothered to defend the journalist, except for some who reported it very cautiously in order not to reveal Kučan’s vile personal attack. The icing on the cake is that the aforementioned journalist worked at POP TV, but not even the broadcaster decided to respond adequately to Kučan’s inappropriate remark. In order to keep his legendary depredation of women from being lost to time, you can watch the aforementioned clip here:

Nussdorfer makes it clear: “Resolve your difficulties yourself”
Janković blackmailed a young mother, who was in a desperate situation at the time since she was getting a divorce, taking care of two children by herself, and was also about to lose her flat, which is why she urgently needed an employment contract of indefinite duration in order to get a loan from a bank and solve her housing problem, but the human rights ombudsman Vlasta Nussdorfer failed to help her. In this case, the latter should have taken a clear stand and stated that the mayor abused his authority. But Nussdorfer apparently adheres to what is written on the website of the Human Rights Ombudsman of Slovenia: “Before turning to the ombudsman, try and resolve your difficulties yourself.” Nussdorfer is already being mocked on social media, which is not surprising given her function and passivity – a human rights ombudsman should not be passive.

Left-wing media portray Janković as victim
Left-wing media must shoulder part of the blame – their headlines already say that “Janković accepted sex”. As if she had offered it to him and not the opposite – that he demanded it. In this way, they further distort the truth and mislead their readers while also depicting Janković as someone “who accepted what was offered”. It is clear that there is something very wrong in Slovenia since, apart for some exceptions, no one is siding with the victim. On this occasion, let us recall Cerar’s great pre-election promises about an “ethical and moral” government, which are now nowhere to be found.