Scandal: Benedek, former member of NLB management board when bank laundered Iranian money, becomes head of Gorenjska banka

David Benedek (Foto: STA)

On Monday, the supervisory board of Gorenjska banka approved the proposal of the president of the management board, Andrej Andoljšek, to prematurely end his term of office and terminate the employment relationship by mutual agreement. He will remain in the position until the end of March, when he will be replaced by David Benedek, the current president of the supervisory board at Gorenjska banka. Benedek is known primarily from his time at NLB – he was a member of the management board when the biggest Slovenian state bank permitted the laundering of €1 billion in Iranian money.

Member of NLB management board during money laundering scandal
The AIK bank, which is owned by the Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostić, is also interested in purchasing the remaining shares of Gorenjska banka. Nevertheless, it has not announced a take-over bid, so the resolution of today’s meeting is only being speculated on. However, there are no doubts about who will occupy Andoljšek’s position. It will be David Benedek. His name may not be known to many people, but the information that he was a member of the management board at NLB during the money laundering scandal speaks volumes. This happened between 2009 and 2011, when Božo Jašovič was the president of the NLB management board. In addition to Benedek, members of the management board were also: Marko Jazbec, Robert Kleindinst and Claude Deroose.

In 2009 and 2010, €1 billion were laundered through Slovenia and NLB from a country that was under sanctions and from a bank that was under an embargo and therefore blacklisted. The money was redistributed and sent to several thousand different places, which is recorded in official documents, but official institutions in Slovenia are still keeping silent, and nothing has been done about it.