Scandal: secretary general of Slovenian government Lilijana Kozlovič invites non-existent person to extraordinary session

Generalna sekretarka vlade Lilijana Kozlovič (foto: STA)

The government of Miro Cerar made a serious blunder in an administrative letter signed by the secretary general Lilijana Kozlovič. They wrote that Major General Alenka Gederja, a person who does not exist, would participate on behalf of the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces at the extraordinary session on the state of the Slovenian army. In reality, they should have invited Major General Alan Geder, and he did in fact attend the session.

Wednesday’s extraordinary session of the National Assembly of Slovenia on the state of the Slovenian army was also supposed to be attended by the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces and Major General Alenka Gederja. Because a person with that name does not exist, confusion and indignation arose within the higher political circles. The document was signed by the secretary general of the government Lilijana Kozlovič, who apparently does not even know the highest representatives within the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces.

Profound confusion
The Slovenian government apparently forgot that Alan Geder had succeeded Major General Andrej Osterman as chief of the General Staff, after the former had been discharged for having been objectively responsible for the failure of a battalion battlegroup during an examination of preparedness. On a proposal from Major General Geder, the minister Katič had then appointed brigadier Alenka Ermenc as deputy chief – the latter had been an active participant in the Slovenian independence war and is also the first woman of such high rank in the Slovenian army, but logically she had not received an invitation for she has an entirely different name.

N. Ž.

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