SDS will return Slovenia to the path of stability, growth, prosperity and justice

Foto: Radio Ognjišče.

President of Slovenian Democratic Party Janez Janša was recently interviewed by hungarian colleagues. They asked him about 11th SDS congress, his relationship with hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban and his views on Slovenia’s handling of the migration crisis.

How do you evaluate the results of your congress?
11th SDS congress brings fresh energy to the Slovenian centre-right, new ideas and a winning mentality ahead of next year’s elections. SDS delegates defined the main programme points and the path forward by adopting a resolution titled “Slovenia in our hearts”.

The resolution will present the basis for SDS election programme next year which will return Slovenia to the path of stability, growth, prosperity and justice. Party delegates also had an important responsibility with updating the SDS statutes; Among more than 1000 delegates and party members, gathering also included some high-ranking international guests such as Viktor Orban, Vice-President of the CDI and Hungarian Prime-Minister and Mikuláš Dzurinda, former Prime-Minister of Slovakia.

SDS also invited all centre-right Slovenian parties to join forces, attend the Congress and hold welcoming speeches. Therefore, a strong Slovenian cenre-right presence was felt with Marko Zidanšek, president of the SLS (EPP), Aleš Primc, president of GOD (Movement for Children and Families) and Željko Vogrin, president of the New Peoples Party, all in attendance.

Do you see Mr Orbán and Fidesz as an important ally?
Yes, of course. Fidesz is the most stabile centre right political force in Europe and Mr. Viktor Orban is currently the central figure off the strategic fight for the Europe of values. This fight will determine our common future.

What are the most important issues in which your parties could work together?
Future of Europe and of the EU, cooperation between Slovenia and Hungary, migration, Central Europe…

How do you see Slovenia’s handling of the migration crisis?
Schengen border collapsed in 2015 in Greece and unfortunattely in Slovenia. More than half of a million illegal immigrants crossed Slovenia unchecked. Leftist government followed the path of the socialist internationals open door policy. It was a disaster.

The history of humankind has proved that even very different cultures can live peacefully as a neighbours, if there is no compulsory or violent agitation. In the last case, diversity was one of the basic motives for destructive wars and ruin of many peoples. Generally, the cultures that were ruined, had more developed civilization and tribes that prevailed had higher fertility and were more violent and thoughtless.  Today the history is partially repeating and it is high time to learn something from it.

Slovenia is one of the oldest states with regard to the average age per capita. We occupy catastrophic 9th place among 230 states in the world in trend of senescence is still increasing. Average age per capita in the world is 30, in EU 42 and in Slovenia 44 years.

SDS would put Slovenian family upfront as the basic value of society. Family will become investment project and not part of social politics. Only numerically bigger families are those who preserve Slovenian nation also for tomorrow’s day.