Seriously? Kučan’s and Golobič’s PR man Slavko Bobovnik to fight for presidency?

Slavko Bobovnik (Foto: STA)

According to Požareport, Slavko Bobovnik, a well-known long-time host of the Odmevi show at RTV Slovenija, might still stand as a rival candidate to current president of Slovenia Borut Pahor at the approaching presidential election. Allegedly, failed politician Gregor Golobič and former head of the Communist Party of Slovenia Milan Kučan are willing to gamble on him.

Some time ago, Bobovnik, who has not yet completely confirmed his intention, supposedly agreed to a secret public opinion poll which assessed his odds of winning should he stand as a candidate at the presidential election. The poll was allegedly carried out by Episcenter. Based on the poll, he would rank third, behind president of Slovenia Borut Pahor and Kamnik mayor Marjan Šarc. The latter would be far ahead of the presidential candidate of New Slovenia, Ljudmila Novak.

Support for Bobovnik from SMC possible at short notice
In the event that Bobovnik becomes the official candidate of the ruling Modern Centre Party (SMC), he might even reach the second round of the presidential election. If he gets the support of SMC deputies, he will not be required to collect 5,000 signatures from citizens in order to present his candidacy. Allegedly, prime minister of Slovenia Miro Cerar is already aware of a potential scenario for supporting Bobovnik’s candidacy, so it is possible that his candidacy will be officially announced just before the deadline.

The supporters of Bobovnik’s candidacy include people that are in line with Gregor Golobič and Milan Kučan, which is why support for Marjan Šarc has started to wane in recent days since it was estimated that Bobovnik has better odds of reaching the second round and perhaps even defeating current president of Slovenia Pahor. Kučan’s circle has set itself the objective of reaching the second round of the presidential election.

It will soon be possible to determine who supports Bobovnik’s candidacy, also on the basis of responses on social media. The SMC party has not yet stated its views on his candidacy, and Bobovnik has not clarified his intentions either since he is on holiday.

H. M.