Social Democrats obtained their mansion through theft

Foto: Nova24TV

On the day of the constitutional appeal against the current Slovenian prime minister, Miro Cerar, the left-wing media struck a mighty blow against the greatest opposition party SDS (Slovenian Democratic Party), which had taken out a loan amounting to slightly less than half a million euro. The two-week-old news was announced to the public by the Večer newspaper, whose owners are, in one way or another, indirectly tied to the president of the Social Democrats (SD), Dejan Židan. Given the circumstances, it really needs to be mentioned that the property of the latter party (i.e. their headquarters) had been procured through theft. Intense double standards for the successor of the League of Communists of Slovenia.

Let us remind you that the president of SDS, Janez Janša, stressed that the loan had been completely transparent, adding that anyone can take a look at the contract at the notary. However, due to a different interpretation of Article 22 of the Political Parties Act by the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, the party returned the withdrawn part of the loan, including interest, and terminated the contract. And while Janša promised that, in the case that a violation of the law is proven, the party would pay the penalty, left-wing media are still dealing with the credit agreement, which is what has seemingly been ordered by their puppet masters. It is no coincidence that SD and their president, Dejan Židan, are shouting the loudest. The latter once again moralised about the actions of Slovenian parties at his party’s press conference: It’s important that parties are also aware of having to act according to the legislation and according to ethical norms. I don’t wish that the behaviour of a party that functions poorly is attributed to all parties as a whole. Even among parties, just like in the case of people, there are parties that act according to the legislation and ethical principles.”

They obtained it through a contract of exchange     
The taking of loans among the biggest Slovenian parties is nothing new. Some of them borrow money from banks, others from private individuals. However, while SDS has recently paid off the loan for its building at Trstenjakova 8, SD of course never had to deal with that. The building where the successors of the League of Communists now have their headquarters was at some point the property of a Jewish family who died in the holocaust. After the second world war, it was misappropriated by the League of Communists, but no one ended up living in the nationalised mansion. SD acquired it after Slovenia had become independent through a contract of exchange, as the National Assembly of Slovenia needed the building at Tomšičeva street, which belonged to SD. However, the aforementioned building at Tomšičeva street, which had been built back in the 1879 as the Kranj Savings Bank and had later also been used by the Banovska Savings Bank, had also been stolen by the communists after the second world war – they used it for their central committee.

H. M.